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Hi Shannen,

Thanks for your questions. Here are my answers, in order:

1. Ideas:
I tend to choose WHO I know as much as I might choose to write “what I know.” For inspiration, I look to the moments in my life when I was overwhelmed by emotion. And then I think what was behind those moments–is it something universal, that others might feel? If the answer is yes, I look to create a story from that moment.

2. Writing process:
I wake up early and I write. I don’t watch or read the news. I don’t like the outside world in yet. Only coffee. A lot of coffee. And then, I write.

3. Advice
Writing always begins with a story. This is a talk I gave to my colleagues at The Detroit Free Press. I hope you find useful tidbits here:

Are you a writer? What advice would you give to others?

your friend,

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