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If there’s one thing that we know from reading the book Tuesdays With Morrie, it’s that Morrie Schwartz was inspirational in both the actions he took and the words he spoke. Throughout the book there are a myriad of inspirational sayings or aphorisms that Morrie leaves us with before the end of the book. Probably the aphorism that resonated with me would be, “devote yourself to what gives you meaning”. I believe this lesson may be the one most worthy of note; as I feel like this saying should be more prominent in society now. People get caught up in how to make the most money in as little time as possible, and maybe it doesn’t start out that way, but it eventually does degrade to that. After all, none of us were in elementary school thinking, “I wonder what course I should take to end up with the most money.” Of course when we were kids we did have seemingly impossible life goals, but that’s why compromise without giving away all our childlike ambitions. Find what makes you happy and devote yourself to that happiness. At least if you do that you can live without regret.

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