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As you approach your own death you learn a lot of things you couldn’t see previously. We see things from a completly different prespective that we couldn’t see otherwise, and realize what really matters in the end. With Tuesdays with Morrie, we have as much insight as we can possibily have to the true meaning of life without having the full blown experiance. Alrthough some concepts may not be expressed fully, we still get a glimpse of whats to come and it can help us prepare for the inevitable.One of my favorite quotes from the book was”Don’t let go to soon, but don’t hang on too long”. This quote implys that morrie felt he had a certin control over his fate, and choose when it was truly time to leave this earth. I feel like you should stay long enough to make things right with everyone, seal the deal, and say good bye. But you should not hang on when it’s clear its time to go. Meaning don’t let other people suffer for you, and don’t make yourself suffer more than what is needed. Another part of the book I like is when morrie refered to our culture as something we create ourselves and chosoe to live in. In todays times It’s hard to think of someone making there own “rules” and socuial standards and doing what makes them happy. But Morrie teaches us to be truly happy it’s nessisary to detach, and do what our hearts tell us. Not what the money says. Money is an illusion and a replacement for the true thigns that matter, love, and family, and friends. And Until we realize that money can’t feel that gap in the end, we will never be truly happy. This book does the best job possible in waking up people before it’s to late. It’s helps people see what is truly important in the end.

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