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In my college english class we just got finished reading Tuesdays with Morrie. I am the type of person who hates reading, but this time it was diffrent it was a awesome read. It has many quotes about life, love, marrage, and anything else you could possible think of. There are so many quotes i would love to use, but here are my three favorite quotes that Morrie gave about his life and how to live.”Accept who you are;and revel in it”. This is such an awesome quote, because today we see so many people trying to be someone they are not. This quote teaches us to be who we are and accept what that is. I have tried to act like someone im not before, just to be cool or do the cool thing. When in all reality you will be just as happy accepting who you are and living. This taught me to accept me for me and be happy about it.”This is part of what a family is about, not just love. It’s knowing that your family will be there watching out for you. Nothing else will give you that.”. This quotes means a lot to be because over the past few years my family has been fored to become close. With things such as my sister passing away and my mom and dad getting divorced. This quotes made me realize, that my family has always been there for me, and all ways will even when no one else has you back family will no matter the condition. And always put your family before everything in your life, never let anything get between you and them.“Forgive yourself before you die. Then forgive others.” This hit me hard becaue i hold a grudge. This made me realize one day the person i have grudges against will die and so will I, why should i hold this against them? Why not forgive and love instead of being angry with them. This is something I battle with, but Morrie taught me that i need to forgive before its too late. Because I have lost many people dear to me in my life and I wish I could have told them I loved them one more time or im sorry for getting mad at you over something stupid. I believe that this is something we all could work on, because its human nature to hold grudges but its not human to forgive. I think we should all learn to forgive and love. We also need to learn to forgive our selfs because you wont be happy untill you forgive your self and love others.Tuesdays with Morrie is a awesome book. I hate reading but this is a book I will deffinatly read again. It has made me a better person and learn to forgive and love. To be thankful for what I have in my life and never take anything for granted. To be thankful for the people who love me and know that family will always love you. To forgive because you never know whats gonna happen next because life is not promised. This book is full of life lessons all of us could take and learn from. We could better our selfs and everyone around us. If we could all be a little more like Morrie this world would be a better place.

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