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Tuesdays with Morrie has been a life changing, inspirational book for me. Over the past few weeks, my English 101 class has had the privilege of reading it. This book has taught me many life lessons and has allowed me to change some of my views on life. Although I found myself relating to the book, and Morrie as well, there were some things I learned about myself through his words.The first quote I found interesting was, “Love wins. Love always wins. ” I feel like this is something I often forget trying to please others. I tend to forget that my happiness matters too, and in my opinion, love is the ultimate form of happiness. I now know to remember that I should always do what I love and do what will make me happy, because love wins in the end. It also taught me that I should never try to fight against love, people or things, because I won’t find happiness in anything else like I would in the things I love. This specific quote has allowed me to remember what’s important. I’m thankful for that.Another quote I have found interesting is, “Death ends a life, not a relationship.” This really influenced my thinking towards the subject of death. I have really struggled with death in my life because I have experienced it a lot with loved ones passing away. It wasn’t till recently after reading this book that I’ve learned to be at peace with it. My best friend passed away a little over a year ago, and I was very bitter for a long time. Reading these words from Morrie, a dying man, really changed my thinking a lot. If he could understand that when someone passes away, that their love and memory from the previous relationship will continue on, why couldn’t I? I am really thankful for this quote because it’s allowed me to understand life and death from a different, more positive and peaceful point of view.One final quote I really found interesting was, “We need to forgive ourselves. For all the things we didn’t do. All the things we should have done. You can’t get stuck on the regrets of what should have happened.” This is such a change of mind for me. I have always been afraid of missing out on opportunities or regretting my choices. I am still slightly afraid of this, but Morrie’s words have helped me to cope with it and try to have a change of heart. I have always worried about choices, always wondering if I have made the right one. Now I have learned that I can’t allow myself to think like that, but that I should be thankful for the choices I have made and continue to make because they have brought me to where I am and made me the person that I am today. I have learned that everything is either a lesson or a blessing. Each experience is what you make it, and because of Morrie’s wisdom and inspiration, I am going to make these experiences good.Tuesdays With Morrie has made me only hope to be half the person he was. He was an inspiration and a life changer to many people, including myself. I’m grateful for getting to read this book now, while I still have my entire life ahead of me. I know I will not forget this book, or in a way I won’t forget Morrie, and what he has taught me. I’m going to use this book as a reference to living a happy life. Thank you.

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