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Joe Lazzaro,He was my Teacher for 7 years. He was my clinical model for how an acupuncturist should be. he became my model of waht it meant to be a human being again.He died in 2000 of liver failure. I ws fortunate in a number of ways. I read Tuesdays With Morrie and enjoyed it thoroughly (little knowing it was to be my primer for what was about to happen.) I passed the book on to my mentor Joe knowing he would enjoy it also.It was then that he reavealed to me he was, in fact, dying. There was, however, a somewhat risky procedure that could save his life. We were able to embark on the beginning of this journey. However, we began the process too late. He simply ran out of time. We were not able to complete the procedure.I had been his right hand at work for 7 years. He showed me everything about helping people out of pain and being there for them when that was all we had to give. At the end of his life I hope I was able to give some of that to him. I believe that hope did carry him through those last few months.I thank you again because if I had not given him your book, I am not sure he would have told me he was ill.You gave us a chance to fight together to save his life.After 10 years I bought another copy of Tuesdays with Morrie and one of my students took it up.

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