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I met the “Morrie” of my life in 1996. It was not something I expected at that time in my life. We met online. We talked for over a year, neither of us heard each other’s voice, nor knew what the other looked like. In a way we had to get to know each others “soul”. We share the same illness, and the fact we could die at any moment. I was just diagnosed, he had been living it since he was 30. He was my inspiration, my mountain, my rock, and when I felt “pity” he more or less told me to get over it. He came to mean the world to me and he became the very best friend I’ve ever had. He was my cup of coffee each and every morning and afternoon. Not a day went by we didn’t speak and after a year we decided to meet in person……He was shocked to find me living life in my 30’s, and he in his late 60’s. We lived in different States. We even had pet names for each other, We called one another “PITA 1 and PITA 2” I’m sure you can figure that one out 🙂
He and I both read Tuesdays With Morrie and it was like you wrote the book about the two of us that honest to God we both cried. Then we laughed caused we thought we looked like fools. We bonded for life he and I, who would’ve thought that the age between us couldn’t stop a friendship like that, my husband and his wife loved the fact we kept each other going. I thought this man was invincible, if he could do it, then so could I. Then one day….yep surgery… hospital….the last I spoke to him he told me he wanted to “go home” , I told him he would soon….I never got what he meant…till I had an awful feeling…I called the hospital and his wife answered and she was crying “Cathy, he is dying just now” I pulled my car over as I was driving when I had that feeling and I couldn’t move… “Morrie, my “coach” was gone.
My world has never been the same since then and I doubt it ever will. I lost my faith that day, I have lost so many that I have loved, but this man gave me a reason to look forward, this man my best friend who found humor in every possible way was gone. How does one find the faith they lost?
I lost him, my doctor tells me one more clot and I will not survive, I’m only 42 now, what happens to my kids ? My husbands workplace closed down without notice to anyone, leaving all workers without insurance, without jobs, almost for a year now, how does one find faith back from that ? Our house is in need of massive repairs but with no jobs, I can’t work I am disabled and my hard working husband who was with that company 23 years cannot find a job as there simply aren’t any……I keep doing good things because its the only thing that keeps me going and that’s what my “Pita” would’ve pushed me to do, but I think and I hope that your book can restore faith in others so that maybe this world changes a little.
Its so hard to even maintain a little faith.
Mitch, I have all your books (except Have a Little Faith) and I truly cherish them all, your writing touches my heart and I wish it was required reading in all schools. I know Tuesdays with Morrie because of myself and my daughter was read in her Advanced English Class. Please continue to write, it is inspirational. When I can afford your new book you can bet I will be there buying it. You did a wonderful job on the Dr. Phil show, your an amazing man. I did get all your dvd movies, my “morrie” and I a few years back bought them for one another 🙂

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