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Oh, yes, I’ve had a teacher…
My life’s greatest mentor was a federal judge who shared with me a life dedicated to living the highest values and obligations to society taught by his Jewish religion.
Clerking for the judge gave me admission into a privileged group of young attorneys who served him for the three decades he was on the bench. Even with the support of the judge’s family to write this story, I had to work through fully owning it, given my respect for my co-clerks. Perhaps you felt this way about Morrie’s other “favorite” students?
In coming to peace with this, I’ve just added this note to my fellow law clerks:
“You will see our mentor in these pages. You will see yourself in these pages. And you will see unique pieces of myself. For each of us came as unique students at different points in time. It was part of our shared destiny to be called to study by the side of a master. We approached him as he was sitting in front of a large stone, chiseling away. I asked the master to hold my hand as I began to chisel. We created a statue of a servant leader. You chiseled your own beautiful statue sitting by his side. Perhaps some walked away, only seeing rock.”
I just shared a blog with my community about more of the process of writing (and it has been quite a process!)…
Mitch, Morrie’s life and impact on you was so big – and you did a brilliant job of simplifying it and sharing his story. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you.
I’ve read your book often – the first few times for the story and lessons…and now as a guiding light on my own path as biographer, storyteller and artist who is streee-eeetching in a way never before felt. Blessings to you.

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