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I am writing from Melbourne, Australia. I have only recently read “Tuesday’s with Morrie” and found it to be a fascinating insight into death and dying. I have had a couple of, for me, extremely sad losses. My husband and I had been unable to have a child via IVF, had tried donor embryo’s without success, had applied for and been approved for intercountry adoption (Thailand) when I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour in 2001. This required a craniotomy, 33 radiation treatments and 3 months of chemo. This proved to be a devastating blow to our aspirations of finally becoming parents as our approval for Intercountry Adoption was revoked. My struggle to come to terms with all of this continues. Our lives were thrown for a six (a cricketing term) and I had to begin from scratch to invent a whole new life for myself. I have managed to do this with a lot of hard work, therapy, and soul searching. I asked my surgeon, “Why did I get this tumour”, his reply was “Bad luck”.

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