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a few years ago, my grandfather was diagnosed with stomache cancer, and as time went on it got worse and worse, and the cancer started to go to his lungs, he was in the hospital for about a month or so, and my mom wouldnt let me see my grandfather AT ALL.. i wanted to see him because i know, unfortunately he wasnt gonna live for much longer.. but at the time my mom thought it was gonna be “better” for me..and when he did pass my mom asked me to be a pallbearer for his funeral, and that was extremely hard for me. And i was just mad at the world, and i started to i guess you could say getting over it, but not completely and after i read this book, it was all clear to me, yea its sad that he’s gone, but he wouldnt want me to be sad, he would want me to be happy, and he isnt suffering anymore…thats how tuesdays with morrie helped me

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