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Here Recently here just starting the year of 2010 *this year*,(my senior year of graduating)my family have lost two loving nephews grandsons, and sons. one was four and the other was two.we lost them in a fire. T’was January 8th, 2010, it was 9:30 in the room. My mom woke up from a phone call from her recent exhusband, I answered the phone, and he asked where my mom was. I gave her the phone in her room, and shut the door. It was my sister, her husband and daughter, my mom and her now fiance, who was home. Everybody was awake, my mom worked a 10 a 6:00 in the morning shift. Plus having the 24 hour flu. So she was quite tired and not feeling good. Well, after I gave her the phone and shut the door, I went back into the living room. Then I heard a scream, my sister’s husband opened my mom’s door, and asked “mom is everything okay?” What happened?” I went to the door and and seen my mom crying. (Something I hate seeing at all in my lifetime)My moms fiance told me to get my sister, which was in the kitchen doing dishes. She came to the room and my mom told us what happened. Recently the summer of 2009 my oldest brother and his wife and 3 kids moved back to nebraska, and back to her mom’s. We got a phone call at 9:30 in the morning of the 8th of just last month. My exstep dad told my mom that we lost two nephews, and grandsons. My oldest brother’s two sons. One was four and one was two. My brother about lost his life trying to save the rest of his family,(which were the boys) he was able to get the baby, and his wife, who will be a year next month. 70% of his body was burned trying to save his nephews, (my big brother) The oldest brother. For a while he was not a good percentage of surviving, but with all the faith and prayer and hope of strength, him, his wife, and daughter are doing better. My brother is still in recovery, recovering from the burns from trying to save his boys.
Now lately, we do go up and see my brother. Seeing him doing better, from going at a percent of 20 of living, his percent has gone up to 80. But still has A LOT of healing left. My brother has touched my heart. Risking his life ro save his sons, my nephews. It’s something I don’t think I would’ve been able to do at all. Having so much pressure of trying to graduate this year. The year of 2010, and losing two loving, full of life nephews, it’s alot. For a while before I started reading Tuesdays with Morrie, I help the librarian here at school. Reorder books, put them on the shelf, I was picking out every single other book than this one, and everytime it would be like it was staring at me for some reason. I was ignoring it but I finally went to the book and checked it out. My heart lately has been so down and hurt and stressed. Reading this book not only makes me want to cry, but is also make me look at my life differently. Something I was never expecting. I think god pointed this book to me. Or maybe it was morrie. (not to freak anybody out.) I do know that I do have an angel watching over me right now. I can feel it. Everytime I close my eyes, I see peace, and gods faith, telling me it’s okay and to keep going and not to give up. That he’s here for me.
I am starting a donation to help raise money for my brother and his family here at school. If you have any comments don’t be afraid to comment me or email me.
But this book is touching my heart so much. I can’t even put it down either.
Your stories are inspiring me, my heart,and my life. I want to thank you.

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