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At one time Mitch I thought I had it all, I was 29, managing a credit union, husband, family. I was a young woman in charge of her life. Then I was diagnosed with APLS, Rhuematoid Arthritis, Lupus, had 5 heart surgeries, a pacemaker implant, and then started with seizures, the past two years I’ve been on chemo, lost my best friend, my “morrie” if you have it, and in one instant the rug was pulled from underneath me. If I was taught any lesson, it was life wasn’t something you could hold in your palm and think you could keep it there. It could be gone in an instant. I’ve been revived twice and each time I think the lesson was take a better a look around. I’ve learned what is most important in life. Love, caring for others and doing all you can to be there for others. I can’t walk past someone in need or someone crying or even someone just sitting alone. I’ve always felt they are in my path for a reason, that is my greatest lesson.

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