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Today the kids are playing happily in our pool.
“Pretend I can fly & I have x-ray vision too!” says Gwen
“Ok, but I can become invisible” says Sophia…
Now I am thinking if I had a choice, what would I want my super power to be?
I have always wanted to fly, but to become invisible?
That would be pretty darn handy.
I think of Harry Potter and his invisibility cloak.

Then I think of Judi.

It seems this woman already has super powers.
In all the years I have known her, she has tried to be positive and optimistic.
Even with her only son being severely autistic, Judi will greet you with a smile, and ask how you’re doing.
She will earnestly want to be happy and share some good times.
She is not openly bitter or self pitying. She doesn’t let hurt engulf her.

It’s pretty amazing.

I know Judi gets overwhelmed, and worn out.
I know she gets frustrated and tired of having to continually care for, and monitor her son, who is now a young adult.
A son that doesn’t sleep through the night,has OCD, a son who can be aggressive and abusive at times.
A son who cannot speak.
I know she gets sad and scared, or ready to explode.
But rare is the time Judi utters a complaint.
I mean it.
We’ve had discussions and she’ll admit only after I ask, that she is exhausted. Yet she’s also quick to try and live in the moment, to enjoy what she has in front of her.

It seems she has more to add on her plate,
now that her husband Eric has ALS.
This is SO not fair!
I cannot fathom how she does it.
Judi has had to quit a job she loved for ten years to stay home and be a full time caregiver to both her son and husband now.
Is she even MORE exhausted, sad, frustrated, worried & scared?
Of course.
But most the time, she continues to be upbeat and determined to take care of the two men she loves most in this world ~ to the very best of her ability.

So it comes to me then, like a bolt of lightening, I am flying with my x-ray vision.
I have decided I want Judi’s superpower-

The power to love unconditionally.

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