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I was blessed to have discovered my Morrie whilst we were both still young(ish) and in full health. In 2006 I made enquiries about undertaking an MSc degree at University College London in my chosen professional discipline, Facilities and Estates Management. I considered myself reasonably experienced and knowlegable in my field; however, when I received my entrance exam question I had second thoughts and felt that this level of acaddemic study was beyond me. I called the University to speak to the Director of the course, an American gentleman by the name of Peter McLennan. He convinced me that I was more than capable of completing and passing the exam, which I duly did, and from that moment on, he became a source of encouragement, support and inspiration. In Sep 10, I became the proud recipient of my MSc; however, if it was not for the guidance of my own personal Morrie, I would never even have attempted it.

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