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Recently in English 101 I was introduced to a book that quite possibly changed my view of life. Not necessarily a bad thing, but a new experience. I wish I had the chance to have met Morrie. But many of the things he has said have touched me deeply.

“Accept what you are able to do and what you are not able to do”; “Accept the past as past, without denying it or discarding it”; “Dont assume that its too late to get involved.” This makes me think about our everyday life. We have to accept what we can do, we shouldnt be jealous of others if they do something we dont. We all have the chance its whether we take the opportunity or not. And our past should stay there, its hard to bring up the past with people. Its not a comfortable subject. Most importantly you can always get involved in something, if you think you want to, jump in there and do it. Dont assume that since its already started you cant lend a helping hand. This makes me think about myself, Do I accept what I do and what I dont do? Do I accept the past or do I try to bring it up and pretend like its the present? And, Do I get involved or am I like many others and say its already started I cant do that? Pg. 18

And finally one of my favorite stories, pg. 113. ” There is a tribe in the North American Artic… This is what they believe.” I absolutely loved that story! The miniature body, which is really your soul, sounds like something you would find in a fairy tale book. But I can understand why they believe it. How neat would it be to see yourself in mini form and know its your soul?

“Love wins. Love always wins.” I cant express what this does to me. I completely believe in love, true love, soul mates, all that romantic stuff. It makes me happy to know that Morrie knew so much and experienced so much love through out his lifetime that he can say “Love wins.” There were so many people there for him until the very end. I hope someday when its my turn to die that I have that much support and love. Pg. 40

“So many people walk around with a meaningless life… devote yourself to creating something that gives you a purpose and meaning.” This is so very true! So many people walk around in life not knowing where they want to go or what they want to do. They chase dreams others dreamt up for them, but they are never truely happy. We should all take a step back in life and just love everyone, help out our community and stop pretending we are happy. We should take control and do the things we want. Things that make us happy. Pg.43This book has definetly made an impact in my life. As well as many other classmates of mine. It makes you think about your life in general. Are you living how you want to? Are you doing everything you can do? Morrie taught us all things we needed to hear in life, new lessons that we all will hopefully, put to use in our futures. I know I will definetly try to live more how I enjoy and do the things I want, not what others want for me. Thank you Mitch Albom and Thank you Morrie Schwartz.

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