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Recently my dual credit english 101/english four class as of about three weeks ago has been reading Tuesdays with Morrie in and out of our class. I absolutly love this book because it is emotionally uplifting and it is also a great story that teaches you about the love for others and there are alot of great meaningful quotes but so far there were three in this book that really stood out to me and really meant a lot to me because theystruck me on an emotional level .
On of the quotes comes from page 52 and was said by Morrie it said “Let it come in. We think that we dont deserve love, we think if we let it in we will become too soft…..’Love is the only rational act’-This means to me that no matter what the struggles you face that you can always find love and it will always make since to you.
My second quote comes from page 40 and it is also said by Morrie is said ” Love wins. Love always wins.”- this means to me that you can trust your heart at all times no matter the struggles that you face or the journeys you are going through. Love will always prevail against the biggest odds.
My third qoute comes from page 10 and again is said by Morrie it said ” Study me in my slow and patient demise. Watch what happens to me. Learn with me.”- This means to me that Morrie cared so much about his family and friends that he was willing to let them all study him and basically treat him like a lab rat and it did not phase him at all, he didn’t care at all because I personally believe that he knew he had live a fulfilling life and was perfectly content with ths simple fact he was going to die.
All of three of these mean alot to me because they do hit me on an emotional level. This book is one of the true great book that can cause a big change in your life and the way that you look at the the way you live it. I honestly think that anyone who reads this can and will be changed.

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