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Recently, my English 101 class has been studying Mitch Albom and his work with the legendary man, Morrie Schwartz. Reading Tuesdays with Morrie has changed the way I look at many aspects of my life. From teaching me how to value family to learning to love and live responsibly, Morrie’s lessons have impacted me in more ways than one.
One of my favourite quotes from the book is when Morrie is discussing the tension of opposites and how most of us live in the middle- somewhere between what we know is right, and what we actually do. When Mitch asks which side wins, Morrie says, “Love wins. Love always wins” (p.40). This bold statement is just that- bold. But it is also very true. When it comes down to it, we should always choose love. Without love, we can’t be, as Morrie calls it, fully human. To be able to give and receive love means that we are able to trust others and we can be trusted. This quote means so much to me because it reminds me of the love of God. It reminds me of the sacrifice of His son, and how God’s unconditional love is above all else. Jesus demonstrated the ultimate love, the love that defeats all doubt and fear, the love that brings hope and true peace, through his death and resurrection. Everything else is cast into shadow when true love is present. With all the darkness in our world, love is the only thing that can change our hearts. We must choose the love of someone else over the hurt that they have done to us, or the pain that we have been caused. We must choose love for our families and friends over our dedication to material things like wealth. Love wins the fight.
Another one of my favourite quotes is when Morrie is discussing culture. He says, “The culture we have does not make people feel good about themselves… if the culture doesn’t work, don’t buy it” (p.42). This is so true. Today’s culture is so concerned with looking and acting a certain way that the people who might look and act differently are considered different or strange. Our culture should encourage people to be individuals. It should encourage us not to try and fit ourselves into the mold that society has created for the perfect person, but to be ourselves, to be beautiful in our imperfections. We, as citizens, also have to be strong enough to decide when our culture isn’t working. As individuals, we have to realize what is happening and have the courage to choose otherwise for ourselves than what people say we should be.
Tuesdays with Morrie is definitely a book like no other. When I put it down after reading a few pages, it leaves me thinking about what I read and about my own life. I want to take Morrie’s advice to love as much as possible and to allow myself to always be fully human.

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