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I have recently been reading Tuesdays With Morrie with my English class. To be honest, I wasn’t exactly thrilled when I heard we would be reading it. Non-Fiction books just aren’t my cup of tea. However, this book hasn’t been like the others. I’ve found quite a few quotes that really hit home for me. Listed below are just a few.

“If you don’t have the support and love and caring and concern that you get from a family, you don’t have much at all. . . . And it’s so true. Without love, we are birds with broken wings.” (Pages 91 & 92) Growing up, I’ve always been close to my family members. You know, cook-outs, holiday celebrations, the works. But when you have a family member pass away, it can really take a toll. For me, this quote means so much more than not having that love at all, but taking that love for granted; you never really have the love of a person if you take it for granted. After the last living grandparent I had left, my grandma, passed away, I realized just how much I didn’t fully appreciate the opportunity to spend time with her. Yes, we were close, but in her last days we were inceperable. Although I have accepted her death and moved on, in those first days after her passing, I felt like a bird with broken wings.

Another wonderful thing the Morrie said was when he answered Ted Koppel when asked what he would do once he and his friend, Stein, were unable to communicate. Morrie said, “We will hold hands, and there’ll be a lot of love passing between us. . . . You don’t need speech or hearing to feel that.” (Page 71) Think of a time when you’ve really been upset, maybe too upset to speak. You have some friends that may come up to you and ask you what’s wrong. You have others who will just walk over and embrace you in a warm hug because they know that sometimes, you don’t need to speak, you just need someone to be there. That’s how I felt about this quote. When you have that one friend who just knows you inside and out, it doesn’t take hearing or speech to know that.

Lastly, one of my favorite parts in the entire book is fond on page 18. “Learn to forgive yourselves and to forgive others.” So many times we get wrapped up in our on will to hold grudges. Sometimes it may be that other people look for us to still be angry at a person for something they have done to us in the past. But that’s just it–It’s the past. There is nothing we can do to alter it. To begrudge someone takes so much mental strain that it’s not worth one’s time. This quote, for me, ties into when Mitch talks about how Morrie said he allowed himself to feel every emotion, but to detach himself from it. With any negative emotion, we have to be able to let go. With everything, there is a time to let go. Let go and learn to forgive yourself and to forgive others.

As you can see, there are many things to learn from Morrie Schwartz. This is definitely a read for anyone wanting to learn how to appreciate things in life. As I continue to read Tuesdays With Morrie, I hope to gain many more life lessons from a great man.

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