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Recently my English 101 class has been reading the book Tuesdays with Morrie.The book immediately grew on me and I’ve come to like the book very much.Morrie had so many perspectives on life that mitch mentioned alot in his book.Here are a few that really stood out to me.
Morrie says in the book, “Dying is only one thing to be sad over…living unhappily is something else.” (pg 35) This quote says it all for me. If you look at most of our culture today so many of them feel like they live unhappy lives.Sure they have their moments were they can look at someone elses life and for a brief moment they feel some what grateful. But sadly this feeling is only there for a mere moment until a newer one takes its place and their back to their so called reality.People set a standard on how they should live their lifes when what they fail to relize is that life is what you make it out to be.Focusing on all the negative things in ones life will only bring an unhappy existence.
Another quote from the book that I really enjoy is when Morrie says,”Love wins. Love always wins.” (pg 40) This quote has to be one of my favorites I’ve seen so far.If people could only take away the sheer meaning of this quote,it seems like we would all live in a much better world.It seems that hate and corruption only fill the lives of those who live on this Earth.To me love is the ultimate conquerer.No matter what challenges you may face in life,as long as you keep a life filled with love and compassion for those around you then you will have always won.
Mitch also mentions in his book that Morrie had quotes this, “People haven’t found meaning in their lives, so they’re running around all the time looking for it.” (pg 136)I absolutely agree with this.It seems that people get so caught up with what they have planned in the future instead of focusing on their lives in the present.With someone doing this how can they appreciate what they are currently experiencing in thier lives?Ive got a quote of mine that I really enjoy that ties in with this that says,”Dream that you”ll live forever.Live like you”ll die tomorrow.” We were never promised tomorrow and we should live everyday that we can with meaning and appreciation.
Finally another quote that I would like to point out from the book is,“Accept the past as past, without denying it or discarding it.” (p. 18)I think that everyone struggles with this everynow and then.I myself do at times I’ll admit and it gets even the best of us.We must learn to accept that what has happend in the past is the past.We can do nothing to alter it or change it.Whats done is done the old saying goes.Whether we regret some of the things we have done or are proud of those achievements,it makes us who we are today.
There is no doubt that I would recommend Tuesdays with Morrie to anyone.It is a book that holds so much meaning to life and the things we experience in it.These are only a handful of quotes that have made this book a life changing read.Morrie was a great man and even now he is teaching many people how to get more out of their lives through his aphorisms in his book.I’ve really come to enjoy this book and the meanings revealed in its pages.

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