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Honestly, I hate reading. I could never really get into a book, till now. For the past few weeks my English 101 class has been reading Tuesdays with Morrie and I actually found myself enjoying this book more and more as I read. This book has made me think a lot about life, love, and many other things. I wouldn’t go as far as saying this book has changed my life, but it has made somewhat of an impact on how I view life. Here are a few that really made the impact…
“The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in…’Love is the only rational act.'” (50) This really hit home to me and made me think. We learn so many things in our life time. Most of which is taught in school but this can’t be taught in school… actually it can’t be taught any where. Learning how to let love come in and give it out is currently a lesson in my life that I’m dealing with. Once I read this it really made me think about what I am going through. I have always thought letting your guard down and being ‘soft’ was the worst thing a person could do, I hated emotions. But now I don’t really doubt if it’s something I deserve or not, if it happens it happens.
“Don’t cling to things, because everything is impermanent.” (103) This quote alone has made the whole book worth the read for me. It may not have been the words of Morrie himself, but the way he describes it as detacting ones self really made me wonder. It really made me understand that you shouldn’t hold onto things as much, they might not always be there. You can hang onto an emotion from a moment, but the moment its self will pass with the time. This is how I see it, why hold onto something when it is no long there… just experience it, detach, and move on.
“And in addition to all the miseries, the young are not wise. They have very little understanding about life…It’s such nonsense.” (118)With this final quote, I couldn’t agree more. A majority of teens today get the attitude that they know it all, when actually we don’t. I’ll admit it, I’ve been there myself. I have let the world tell me how I should look, how I should dress, and how I should even act at certain times and a majority of the time I listen. Why? Cause as humans we have the need to fit in. But as we age we have less of that need, we grow up. You no longer have the urge to impress your peers, unless you’re stuck in time, then you obviously didn’t learn how to detach yourself from that. But you learn that life is really only about the pursuit of your own happiness, and its rather sad that you can’t understand that at a younger age.
In conclusion, if you have a chance and you haven’t read this book, you need to. It really makes you think about life in a different way, and in a way helps you to understand it better… which is kind of what Morrie wanted. For every one to understand life and all it truly has to offer.

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