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my english 101 class has been reading Tuesdays with Morrieand its a great book and i absoulutly love it! ive always been a reader but i just havent found any books that have really grabbed my attention lately but this one sure did! i know that if i knew that i was going to die soon and that my body would be gone and i would be an empty shell i couldnt have gave the advice and been the person morrie was.
one of the quotes that i loved was “Love wins. Love always wins.”(p.40) this is so true! no matter the situation love does win. this quote just made me happy i dont know why but it did. morrie has the best things to say and they are just wonderful.
Another quote that i loved was “this is okay with you, isnt it? men crying?”(p.51) i love the fact that Morrie can just be so open about everything. he doesnt care to sit there and cry in front of another man over something he has no part in, and the only thing he can relate to those people with is the fact that their dying and so is he.
The quote ” ‘Love is the only rational act’ “(p.52) was so true. mitch thinks that he is helping Morrie by being there for him every tuesday and spending time with him but in all truth Morrie is helping Mitch out. without love nothing we would do would be rational. we would act out irrationally and do things in anger and life would not be the same. Love when done right is truelly the only rational act that people do.
When Morrie was talking about how hes going to die and wilt away to nothing it broke my heart. its so sad but then he says its wonderful at the same time and that “Not everyone is so lucky”(p.57) if somebody whos body is slowly breaking down till he is unable to do anything for himself not even eat or breath on his own but is still able to say he is lucky because he has such a long time to say goodbye is truely a remarkable person that everybody needs to respect and truelly think about theri outlook on their lives.
when Morrie talks about the little bird that the buddahist ask every morning “is today the day i die?(p.81) it made me think about my life. if i died that day would i be happy with my situation? would i be where i wanted to be? would i be happy with my accomplishments. its made me want to ask the little bird on my shoulder every day is today the day?and make me want to live better and treat people like they need to be treated and do the right thing because when its my time i want to be happy with my life like Morrie is.
this is only a few quotes that have meant something to me thats in this book, there is so many more that are just as wonderful as Morrie. I cant wait to finish this book and find so many more that will mean something to me in my life.

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