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Recently my D.C. English class has been reading Tuesdays with Morrie. I have fell in love with this book! It makes me think different about how I should live my life. There are so many quotes that Morrie has said that means something to me.

“The truth is, I do indeed have a brother . . . we used to tease him by claiming strangers had left him as a baby on our doorstep.”p.95. When I read this in the book I couldn’t believe it. I thought only my brother and sister done that to me. And I began to wonder where kids get that from. But it made me laugh knowing that people have done this to their younger brother/sister for many, many years now.

“The truth is Mitch, once you learn how to die, you learn how to live.”p.82. When I read that quote in the book I had to stop and read it again. All I could think is, how do you learn how to die? I would love to learn how to die. I know that sounds weird but, I want to learn how to live my life to the fullest.

This quote came from a flash-back that Mitch has in the book and I just kind of liked it because it had to do with baseball. “Too-dayyy . . . I feel like . . . the luckiest maaaan . . . on the face of the earth . . .”p.89. I am in love with the New York Yankees! They are my favorite baseball team and always will be so when I was reading the book and came across this I thought this was the most ironic thing to come across. Not everyday do you read a book and it talks about your favorite team of all time.

“And many of these patients were well-off, from rich families, so their wealth did not buy them happiness or contentment.”p.111. I have always heard that money can’t buy happiness. Most people that hear that doesn’t agree they think money can do anything. Morrie wasn’t one of those people. He saw first-hand that it didn’t and I think that most people should have to see that first-hand. It will be a lesson they will never forget.

These are just a small few of the quotes from the book that has touched me in some way. I think this is such a great book and has you look at your life in a new way. A better and healthier way at that. It almost wants you to go up to a dying person and just talk with them.

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