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Lou Gehrig’s aphorism “Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth” moved many people and gave them hope. There are many great aphorisms in the memoir Tuesdays With Morrie, but this one has a tremendous amount of meaning behind it. Even though Morrie is dying of a disease that eats his body away, he still finds the good of dying. Slowly fading, Morrie tells his old college student, Mitch Albom, all about how dying shows you how to live.For instance,Morrie tells about how he know he is the luckiest man because he has made so many friends and family who love him so dearly that he knows that he won’t die alone. Not only does Mitch come to see Morrie for a “bedside meeting” every Tuesday, but also they begin new topic every time they meet.Regardless of them being out of contact for such a long time, the first time the see each other they instantly pick up where they left off as student and professor; that is how strong everyone’s love for Morrie is.

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