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Mitch Albom, author of Tuesdays with Morrie, recorded some of the world’s finest quotes while visiting his dying sociology professor.  During his visits, Albom learned various life lessons every Tuesday, one of which was love.  Whenever he could, Morrie Schwartz drilled into his former student’s head that people should “love each other, or perish.”  This aphorism is the most meaningful one to me. To love each other on both a micro and macro scale would eliminate most of our problems.

“Love each other or perish” is a quote from the memoir that means people should at least have an understanding of others and enough respect for their differences.  On a macro scale, if human beings could coexist in peace, many conflicts would not even exist, and prejudices over little unique differences would never even be fathomed. There would be no need for a solution to a “problem,” for no one would think that anyone’s particular likings, or personality, would be a conflict itself.  Not only on a global scale, but also in a family setting, people have lost communication and understanding with one another.  Realizing this struggle, couples need to reconnect with the reason as to why they came together in the first place.

Actually, my own personal experiences have been affected through love . To accept someone’s flaws or decisions is how I plan to love someone, and if not, perish.  Should differing opinions or ideas be a spark for argument, or should they be a chance for learning?

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