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Morrie was a very bright man, who taught his students how to live. Mitch always felt out as a student, but it was Morrie who taught him how to be himself in the world, and he was there for him to discuss the meaning of life; that is why I believe Mitch called Morrie his best teacher. He was a man who loved life, appriciated life, and spent the time teaching his students the secrets he has discovered about life.

My historical figuire would be any one of the several profites throughout history. They were responsible to pretty much the change the view of life in the eyes of people by just mentioning the name of God. It’s such a huge responsibility, and a difficult one to fulfil as well. They were never taken seriously and tortured to almost death but they would never give up. They always stuck to their responsibility and did everything to fulfill that. I’d like to discuss that, the idea of a sticking to a personal believe no matter what; and going against your whole society. Being a believer, a leader, using wisdon, and not just blindly following.

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