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    Mitch’s first book was in large, a very monumental step in giving me the confidence to try and write. I am now launching my second book nationwide Feb. 4, 2013,  Smiles for Sherman. My first book was released last January, Rainbows in the Dark.. finding Faith in the age of doubt. I really just wanted to encourage each of you out there who may be thinking of writing… Take that Leap of Faith*  I was contracted for the first 2 and have another contract available for the third. My books are available on and can be ordered in most bookstores… but, unfortunately you learn that Bookstores do not usually carry a supply from new authors. My venture has already blessed me in countless ways.. with so many emails of thanks.  You can do it!  Inspirational books are not the “IN” kind of market ability these days…. but, each one my books have touched have made it all worthwhile.  Diane Ranker Riesen

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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