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    I do not read fiction by choice, but, pick some selectively when looking forward to relax. This book was gifted to me by a colleague, whose daughter is in publication. I started the book without much expectation, while waiting for my turn in the income tax office. It was a quick read, but reached deep emotionally and the words of the reviewer in Boston Globe were absolutely true:
    ‘Albom has the ability to make you cry in spite of yourself’

    Seldom have I read a story that could stir emotions so powerfully. The story of Eddie who took care of maintenance of an amusement park, much against his wishes has been told in a fascinatingly different way, in an imaginary heaven. The message
    coming in the story is that there are truths, which are forever hidden from us in our life. Events which shaped our lives and about which we feel very strongly, could have reasons which would drastically reframe our outlook or change our lives, if only we could learn about them more fully.  This is supposed to happen in heaven, where an opportunity is given to the dead to understand their life fully. This understanding would liberate them completely from the thoughts that haunt a lifetime and end in a peaceful nonexistence.

    An ordinary life, perceived by the individual as inconsequential, could, in fact be the most productive life when viewed in the context of a complete understanding of life and living. Eddie, who thought he was obscure, is made to understand that his life has indeed been extremely meaningful and his presence on earth enriched many lives, without his direct awareness. Also the pain he felt
    throughout his life was a wrongly felt pain, as he is brought to understand in heaven.

    A thoroughly rewarding read, which just could change our outlook towards life, making us live each moment productively and gratefully, ignoring the trivial irritations which are always blown out of proportion in perception.

    It is hard to finish reading the book and still believe that it is only a story!

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