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    My darling son, Harrison Evian Berg, twin brother of my darling son, Alexandre Olivier Berg, died suddenly at the too-young age of 28 years old, on November 9th, 2010. Harrison was a gifted young man, a lawyer who decided to study medicine at a Carribean-island Medical School, and was at Medical School at the time of his death. When he passed away, my friends wanted for me to read “Five People You Meet In Heaven”, but I let them know at the time that I simply was not ready; could not handle reading this type of book at that time. Recently, I was talking to my Physical Therapist about my son (I was wearing one of his Junior HS jerseys at the time) and she asked me if I had read the book. I told her the story of the book from when my son passed away. She told me that she would bring a copy of the book for me when we met next time, and that I needed to read it now. I got the book from her several days ago, just around the time that Hurricane Sandy hit New York City and surrounding environs so terrible. I thought to myself, “well, I have power; I have my home; I have food, et al … this is the perfect time for me to sit down with this book and read it from cover to cover”. Last night, November 7th, 2012, I made myself comfortable on my couch, had a steaming cup of hot tea right next to me, opened up the first page of the book at 6PM; read the entire book straight through until around 8PM. There are no words for me to say about how I felt last night; how I am feeling today about this book. Moreover, I found my son, Harrison, in this book; he came to me and was with me in my home, I know, directly interpreted through the words of Eddie’s wife. Everything that Eddie’s wife said and showed to him in that particular part of the story, was coming from my son, Harrison, straight through to me. I knew from the very moment that I had this book inmy hands that I was going to find my son, Harrison, in the story, although I did not know where or when, until I got to the part of the story about Eddie and his wife. I cried and cried through this book (so emotional), but the part of the story about Eddie’s wife really hit home for me. Thank you, Mr. Albom, for giving me such a beautiful story to read, as well as giving me a few treasured moments again with my glorious son, Harrison. I hope that Harrison will be one of the very first people that I meet in Heaven. How wonderful that will be. I miss Harrison and love him so very much, each and every day. Adrienne Weinfeld-Berg

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