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    I’m not quite sure how I grew up, how I survived past twenty,

    It seems the world’s a different place where trust’s no longer plenty.

    Every kid must have a cell phone-all we had were dimes,

    “If there’s a problem call me.”

    Those were surely better times.

    ‘On-line’ meant wet clothes blowing in a warm summer breeze,

    Kids now found it’s a better way to bully and to tease.

    LOL and BFF were letters, most certainly not words!

    Not everything’s an acronym, is getting for the birds.

    To change the channel you got off the chair,

    To make a call you stretched a cord.

    I just can’t help but wonder, were those simpler times oh Lord?

    A web was what a spider wove, a ball went through a net.

    Life seemed to just make more sense then,

    I wonder where it went.

    We now spend hours texting to a relative or friend,

    Our lives are in a tiny phone, where will it ever end?

    I like to say I haven’t fallen into the techo ‘trap’

    That I’ve kept things very simple and a matter-of-a-fact,

    But I writing on a computer hooked to high-speed internet,

    The cell phone won’t stop ringing and the I-pod’s not full yet.

    I uploaded a new video to YouTube yesterday, My friends are all on Facebook,

    We communicate that way.

    Still no matter what I’m doing with this new technology,

    I haven’t learned to Twitter and that’s just fine by me!

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