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    I am so excited for Mitch’s new book. Anyone else???

    In the meantime, I’ll be rereading The Five People You Meet in Heaven and The Time Keeper!


    I just finished rereading The Five People You Meet in Heaven! Do you think the character of Sully will be anything like Eddie?


    ive only read the first one and am desperate for the next. I love your books and cant wait for the next installment of “first phone call”


    Thank you for reading it! It’s so easy to ignore the daily barrage of emails that come through, and it means so much to hear that you enjoyed it. I hope you’ll keep reading the weekly excerpts, and keep letting me know what you think.


    will do, i loved the way you went from describing a totally ordinary moment of anyones day (wrestling with the tea bag box) to then giving us just the taste of a life changing situation when her phone starting ringing and like we all do ignore it and carry on with what we are doing unaware of how important the call or caller could possibly be. I’ve got so fed up with cold callers i rarely pick up the phone now and let the answer phone weed out who really wants to talk.really looking forward to this weeks installment.


    will the book be available in the Philippines on 11/12/13?


    Whoo Hoo, all those heavily dropped hints pre christmas paid off, i got my own lovely hardback copy for christmas. my hubby told me he delayed giving it to me untill after dinner as he knew nothing would get done once i opened this gift.i started on christmas evening and hardly did anything but read for two days, luckily everyone else in the family had books games etc to occupy them so i wasnt being totally selfish immersing myslef into my treat. I had been wondering how the calls would be explained and it was just brilliant and totally lived up to my expectations. Hubby thought hed chosen the wrong thing because i read it so quickly but it is definatley one for the ‘keeper shelf’ and it will be re read in the future.Thank you Mitch for another brilliant and thought provoking story. Happy new year to everyone and may peace and happiness bless 2014 for you all

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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