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    We saw “Ernie” this past weekend at the City Theatre in Detroit. What a glorious tribute to a great man. We laughed, we cried, we learned new things and just left remembering days gone by and how good he made us feel! Thanks Mitch for a very fitting tribute to a great man!!!!


    We all had our reason to see the Ernie play.  I wanted to see the play because my grandfather taught me about baseball in the 1960’s when he listened to Ernie on the transistor radio.  He was the voice of the Tigers from the beginning. I have followed the team ever since and I love baseball.  My husband wanted to see the play for he is an avid fan of Mitch and the Tigers. My friends wanted to go since they have season Tiger tickets and follow the team all season long. But my son, who is 8 wanted to see the play for he wants to play for the Tigers one day and he never got to hear Ernie call a game. Ever.  He never heard the voice of the turtle. My son may be the youngest person to see the play, but he loved it. My son knew the players on the screen and would whisper to me, thats the Babe or that’s Jackie Robinson, Mom! My son bought a baseball with the Ernie logo on it and hopes one day to meet Mitch, thank him for sharing the story of Ernie and maybe snatch an autograph for his baseball collection.  Maybe someday my son will play for the Tigers and Mitch will be interviewing him. Its always good to have a dream. Thank you Mitch for sharing yet another wonderful story to the world.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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