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    So, I was trying to find the movie online “Have and Little Faith” and i stumbled upon this website. Since i was 15 years old I have throughly enjoyed Albom’s novel. They have inspired me at such a young age to appreciate life to the fullest. Each novel has taught me something different. But, this novel “Have a Little Faith” has hit me with the strongest emotions. This is by far one of Albom’s best books because of the reality of the writing. For me, this novel was easier to relate to coming from a 17 year old, high school woman who in face is a prideful Jew. Albom has just taught me so much about reflecting on everything that happens to me and learning from the past, but also living in the moment, and forgetting about the future for just a little bit in order to appreciate what is in front of you.

    This novel has reflected that the most for me. Seeing the feelings that Rabbi is experiencing right before he passes and the relationship the two of them share. Then, compared to the Priest who adds another spark and contrast to the novel that I adore. Not only has the novel told me to appreciate life, but has caused me to have a new found outlook on the meaning and appreciability that we should all have for G-d.

    This novel just reached out to me and I want you all to know that these novels are reaching young people, and we do in fact appreciate them.

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