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    Hello, I would like to start off by introducing myself! My name is Matt, I have been a faithful reader for quite some time, and I have always found inspiration in all of Mitch’s literature. Without taking up too much room on this discussion I would really like to share with everyone here how I share Mitch’s work. I really enjoy highlighting anything that strikes a interest throughout each book, and then pass it on to five other friends. My only requirement is that each individual highlights anything they see of interest with a different colored highlighter. After all five friends have read the piece, I simply enjoy it again. The book really opens up when you include the perspectives of others.

    pg. 11
    “Here on earth, falling is less dramatic. You drift. You wander off ”

    pg. 36
    “There was a sermon where he brought a squash and a piece of wood, then slammed each with a knife to show that things which grow quickly are often more easily destroyed than those which take a long time”

    pg. 57
    “He had a way of looking you in the eye and making you feel the world had stopped and you were all that was in it”

    pg. 58
    “Upon retirement, he voluntarily moved out of his large office and into a smaller one.”

    pg. 73 “That was the cliff. And off it he flew.”

    pg. 79
    “Personally, I always wondered about authors and celebrities who loudly declared there was no god. It was usually when they were healthy and popularand being listened to by crowds. What happens, I wondered, in the quiet moments before death? By then, they have lost the stage, the world has moved on. If suddenly, in their last gasping moments, through fear, a vision, a late enlightenment, they change their minds about God, who would know?”

    pg. 128
    “To think that you died and no one would remember you. I wondered if this was why we tried so hard to make our mark in America. To be known. Think of how important celebrity has become. We sing to get famous; expose our worst secrets to get famous; lose weight, eat bugs, even commit murder to get famous. Our young people post their deepest thoughts on public Web sites. They run cameras from their bedrooms. It’s as if we are screaming, Notice me! Remember me! Yet the notoriety barely lasts. Names quickly blur and in time are forgotten.”

    pg. 101
    “Having more does not keep you from wanting more. And if you always want more-to be richer, more beautiful, more well known-you are missing the bigger picture, and I can tell you from experience, happiness will never come.”

    pg. 8 “Man likes to run from God.”

    pg. 22 “I never want to die.”


    I read my favorite lines from your book to my husband, three weeks ago today, as he lay dying, hoping he would have a little faith that he would always be remembered and that “when you come to the end, that is where God begins.”. Your writing has given me peace.


    “Because one thing God gave us—and I’m afraid it’s at times
    a little too much—is free will. Freedom to choose. I believe he gave us
    everything needed to build a beautiful world, if we choose wisely.But we can also choose badly. And we can mess things up something
    awful.” Albert “Reb” Lewis said the above quote. God did give us
    free will, but why? Why would he give us the freedom to choose what we want in
    life? Being that he is our creator and would want us all to follow him, why
    would he give us the choice not to? To these questions I believe that I have
    the answer: faith. Faith was mentioned throughout “Have a Little Faith”. I
    would say that it was the overall theme of the book. Throughout it we met the
    Reb and Henry Covington—both were men who presented to have great faith.
    Neither of them had many things in common, from their personal beliefs to their
    past, but both of them had a great faith in the Lord. The Reb was one of my favorite people within the book. If I
    would have ever have had an opportunity to meet him, I would have jumped on it.
    He was truly an extraordinary man. Like Mitch Albom I viewed rabbis, pastors,
    etc. as people who were between Earth and Heaven, people who were not on the
    same level as us “commoners” in the spiritual world. The Reb showed me that
    great men of God are just like us, but they take their faith a bit more
    seriously, a bit more to heart. The Reb wanted to be a history teacher. He
    never planned on becoming a rabbi; in fact he flunked out when he first tried.
    He was not sent down this amazing adventure to find his life’s calling, he was
    simply told by a camper’s father that he should pursue it—and he did. He took a
    small synagogue that was originally in a reformed house and made it into a
    great synagogue that many families viewed as their “home” synagogue within the
    city. He was a rabbi for sixty years; it was his life’s work. The Reb’s faith, in my opinion, was truly tested when his
    daughter died. When this happened he asked God, “Why? Why would this happen to
    me?” He cursed him, he was confused, but then he realized—God was the comfort
    he needed for this. When he would ask God why this had happened to him in his
    family, he realized that, that was the comfort in it all. That God was there
    for him in that time, as God is always there for us at any point in our lives.
    The Reb found comfort in being able to ‘blame’ God for the death of his
    daughter. As we should always be able to find comfort with God. The comfort that the Reb found with God, and his great
    faith, was with him to his death. Even on his last day, he was singing with
    great joy.

    blankBen Graham

    Have A Little Faith is a very good book. It is broken down well and written in a way that makes it very easy and enjoyable to read. I really like how the Reb was so dedicated to his religion. He got frustrated on a few occasions, but he never let it affect his faith. Then, there is Henry Covington. This man had gone from being a drug-dealer who had broken every one of the Ten Commandments, to being one of the most caring and giving men I have ever read about. Once he gave his life to God, he was simply amazing. He would give everything he could to his congregants, even letting one live in his house for over a year. The Reb had grown up all of his life with a very strong and dedicated faith to his religion. Henry, on the other hand, made all of the wrong decisions growing up, and was not religious at all. This book shows that people can change. After Henry gave his life to God, the similarities between the two men became more and more noticeable. This book shows that everyone is the same. No one is better than any one else, which is what my first quote is talking about on page 226 in the conversation between Mitch and the Reb.“ ‘ Do you really think we’ll meet again one day?”Don’t you?” Well, come on, I said, sheepishly. I doubt I’m going to whatever level you’re going to.” Mitch, why do you say that?”Because you’re a man of God.”You’re a man of God, too,’ he whispered. ‘Everyone is.’ ”I really like this quote, because it shows that it doesn’t matter if you’ve made mistakes, you’re no less of a person than anyone else is. We are all men of God.Another great quote from this book comes from page 221 when Mitch is talking to Henry. Henry says, “You can’t work your way into heaven. Anytime you try and justify yourself with works, you disqualify yourself with works. What I do here, every day, for the rest of my life, is only my way of saying, ‘Lord, regardless of what eternity holds for me, let me give something back to you. I know it don’t even no scorecard. But let me make something of my life before I go…’”I love this quote. Far too often, people do good things to try to work their way into heaven. They don’t really want to help people. They are only helping others, because they feel like they have to. They aren’t just trying to give back to God. They are doing it for themselves, just as much as they are for other people.I would like to talk about one more quote from this book. This quote is on page 197.The Reb says, “one thing God gave us- and I’m afraid it’s at times a little too much- is free will. Freedom to choose. I believe he gave us everything needed to build a beautiful world, if we choose wisely.”This is my favorite quote from the book. There are problems in the world, but I don’t believe that God wanted these things to happen. We were given everything that we needed to build a perfect world, but we have free will. Free will is the greatest and worst gift that God has given us. We are encouraged to do good things, but we have the ability to do anything that we wish. Everyone doesn’t do the right thing, but that is part of what makes the world such a great place.


    Recently in my college English class my teacher assigned our class a book to read. Normally I don’t like reading books that people tell me I have too. But since it was for a college grade I decided I had better give it a try. Have a Little Faith is truly an amazing book. The words are so powerful and have such meaning behind them. I would love to have met the reb and henry, it would also be an honor to meet Mitch. He has such talent and not just in writing but in many many ways.
    I have several favorite quotes lines and sections from this book. There are so many strong words that come from this book, actually not just the book but from Albert, Henry, and Mitch. I do favor Albert’s quotes the most though. I wish I had known Albert and been there to listen to his sermons because that is where some of my favorite quotes come from.
    The first quote I marked in my book is on page #59 and it is from a sermon that the Reb did in 1958. “A little gir came home from school with a drawing she’d made in class. She danced into the kitchen, where her mother was preparing dinner.
    “ ’Mom, guess what?’she squealed, waving the drawing.
    “ ‘What ?’ she said, tending to the pots.
    “Guess what?” The child repeated,waving the drawing.
    “What?” the mother said, tending to the plates.
    “Mom, you’re not listening.’
    “Sweetie, yes I am.”
    “Mom, ‘the child said, ‘your’re not listening with your eyes.’’
    The last words of this are so amazing. The feeling I got when I read that is indescribable. If this was just a portion from one of his sermons I can’t even imagine what the rest would be like. I wish I could go and listen to him, I’d probably ask if I could record him.
    Another one of my favorite quotes is from page #79, Albert says to Mitch “When you come to the end, that’s where God begins.” This literally gave me chills when I read this. I just can’t express how much power that Albert has behind his words, and he doesn’t even realize it. It’s like he just speaks right from God, telling us things that God wants to know.
    One other quote from Albert to Mitch is on page # 227 and Albert says to Mitch “You’re a man of God, too,” he whispered. “Everybody is.”
    Where does Albert come up with these things, I know that Albert left this world with many things unsaid. This is a terrible loss, I believe. I wish Mitch had of got to spend more time with Albert so he could add to his book.


    At first, the book was not interesting to me because I am more into fiction novels. After reading the second part of the book that our teacher assigned, I ended up loving this book. There are so many hidden points in the book that are implemented. It was very heartfelt and left me enriched with wisdom.
    There are many quotes that I fell in love with in this book, the first being on page # 127. Mitch is talking to the “Reb” about going to heaven and what people think about it. He asks him what people are most afraid of when they die. The “Reb” says “Being forgotten.” To me, this is amazing, because I have said the same thing before, I dont want to be forgotten when I pass. I want my memory to live on for people to remember and enjoy. I believe that there are many others that want this too.
    Another quote that I adore is on page # 143. The “Reb” says to Mitch, “That kind of love- the kind you realize you already have by the life you’ve created together- that’s the kind that lasts.” Mitch and The “Reb” are talking about love and how strong of a relationship The “Reb” and his wife have. I found this quote to be so sweet because of all the things that him and his wife had went through together. The created so many moments together by raising their children, dancing at their weddings, and supporting and cherishing each other. By doing these things, they have so much love by realizing the life they made together.
    Next, on page # 160, I found a quote that really sparked a thought in my mind. It is during another conversation between Mitch and The “Reb”. They are talking about the world having so many imperfections. The “Reb” says, “It’s the blending of the different notes that makes the music.” It made me think about how there are so many denominations in religion, and how some of these do not believe in serving God as the One. It makes for alot of diversity, though. If everything was the same, the world would be boring. Like The “Reb” says, “The genius of life is its variety.”
    Pastor Henry says during one of his sermons, ” You knew me. You knew that person, but you don’t know the person that I’m trying to become. ” Amazing! People in society these days are so judgemental and do not care to say anything about anybody. People that are trying to recover from their pasts can’t move on because of peoples harsh words. They always bruise people about the things they used to be and causes them to get discouraged. This quote should be something for all people trying to recover from past problems to think of. It’s not what you were, it’s what you’re trying to become.
    This is by-far, one of the best books I have read, and it took me until the end to realize it. Some things, quotes, and implemented stories in this book will stick with me, forever.

    blankBrandi N

    A few weeks ago, my English teacher assigned us to read Have A Little Faith. Honestly, I didn’t want to read it at all. I just couldn’t make myself pick up the book and begin to read; I thought it wasn’t of my interest. So, after a week or so of staring at it laying on my desk in my room, I finally picked it up to read because I only had a few days left. As soon as I started reading, my mind immediately changed. Now I know where the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” holds truth. It is an awesome book. Without a doubt it has became one of my all time favorites! I can’t wait to read Tuesdays with Morrie.
    To begin with, I love quotes. This book has so many of them, it’s hard to choose which one is my favorite, so I have several. A lot of them come from Albert, even though there are a few good ones from each character, Albert’s touch my heart the most. He seemed to be more than an incredible man. I would have definitely loved to meet that guy in person.
    One quote that actually came from the bible itself is so amazing. It’s on page 10 and the words are so true. It states,
    “My thoughts are not your thoughts
    Neither are your ways my ways
    For as the heavens are higher than your ways
    And my thoughts higher than your thoughts.”

    I just love it. It clearly states how no man is above God and everyone is equal. Not one person is in place to look down on anyone. A lot of people seem to do that. Some people think they’re above and beyond others, when they’re not; we’re all equal in God’s eyes.
    A second quote that literally melted my heart is on page 59.
    “A little girl came home from school with a drawing she’d made in class. She danced into the kitchen, where her mother was preparing dinner.
    “ ‘Mom, guess what?’ she squealed, waving the drawing.
    “Her mother never looked up.
    “ ‘What? She said, tending to the pots.
    “ ‘Guess what?’ the child repeated, waving the drawing.
    “ ‘What?’ the mother said, tending to the plates.
    “ ‘Mom, you’re not listening.’
    “ ‘Sweetie, yes I am.’
    “ ‘Mom,’ the child said, ‘you’re not listening with your eyes.’”

    This touched my heart tremendously.

    There are so many more quotes that I loved, but I believe it would take all day to name them! I just want to say this book touched my heart. Every part of it. The Reb was such a whole hearted, solid, good man. You don’t find more like him any more. This book was outrageous and I can’t wait to read more!


    We recently read have a little faith in my english class. Let me start by saying that absolutely loved this book. I found it very inspiring and easy to relate to. While reading this book, there were some quotes that stuck out the most to me.
    “But we do have a home, we just don’t have a house to put it in”. This almost broke me heart. It’s true, I think it doesn’t matter where you live as long as you have your family you will always have a home.
    And whenever the Reb is talking to Mitch about the picture he found and Mitch says “I dont understand. From your religious viewpoint, these people were the enemy”. And in return the Reb says, ” Enemy schmenemy, this was a family”. I thought this was very insightful. He was wise enough not to judge these people just because their religion was different from his.
    I also liked it when the “Reb” told Mitch that he was a man of God too, that they were both equal in His eyes. And this would also be unbelievably true. I agree with the Reb and I think he was a very wise man. Henry is also amazing and a very good example that no matter who you are or what your past may hold, that God loves you and will forgive you. And he helped others the best he could. I truly admire both of these extraordinary men and would have been honored to meet them.

    This was a great book and I am very excited to read his other works. I would encourage anyone who hasn’t gotten the opportunity to read it, to do so. I will never forget this book.


    We have just finished reading Have A little Faith in my English 101 class. There are a few quotes and lines that have stuck out to me and meant something while I read the book. One of the quotes is “Faith is about doing. You are how you act, not just how you believe.” I like this particular quote because there are a lot of people that go to church and believe in God, but then they turn around and criticize others for what they used to do. They are very rude to people and think they are always right and what they believe is the only right way to believe. To me this is what this quote is saying and I absolutely love it. Another quote I absolutely loved is ” You’re not listening with your eyes.” I loved this because so many people say they are listening when they are texting or watching TV or in this case, cooking. You can’t be actually listening until you are looking and paying attention. So many people do this now days. Finally the last quote I will tell you is ” Look. I know what you believe. It is in my soul. But I constantly tell other people: you should be convinced of the authencity of what you have, but you also must be humble enough to say that we don’t know everything. And since we don’t know everything, you must accept that another person may believe something else.” This is probably my favorite quote in the book. There are so many people that believe different and believe that their way of believing is the only way. Which is not true. Like this quote said, we have to accept that people have different ways of believing. You can’t really prove that your way is the only right way. This book has so many quotes that I can relate to, if I wrote them all, I would be here for days. This was one of the best books I have read. I can’t wait to read the next one!


    So a lot of us Dual Credit English kids have been trolling on your forum lately posting about your book. Hope you don’t mind it was an interesting assignment our “professor” gave us a week or so ago. I’m a little late posting mine because I forgot all about it. (Sorry Ms. Mchargue) Anyways let’s cut to the chase, I really loved Have a Little Faith. It was well written and kept me interested throughout the entire story. I think your relationship with the Reb was very heart warming and I couldn’t help but shed a few tears when I read the eulogy.I had numerous favorite lines throughout the book, but one of my favorites had to have been on page 212 when the Reb was telling you the story of the man who was burying his wife. He said to the Reb that he truly loved her, and that he almost told her once. That statement alone was enough to baffle my mind, how can a man just ALMOST tell his wife that he loved her? But what the Reb said in response to this was what truly struck a chord with me. “Nothing haunts us like the things we don’t say.” You really connected with me with that line, I felt guilty for all the things that I didn’t say to my family or my girlfriend. I asked myself, “Do I say that I love them enough?” And in a panic I ran downstairs to tell my Dad that I loved him, and I called my Girlfriend just to tell her that I loved her.Another line that really caught my attention was on page 243 when you said “Emptiness is not tangible …I swear I could touch it.” I’ve felt this same emotion before. A few years ago my great grandmother died. I was really close with her. When I found out she had died I had felt emptiness inside me that I had never felt before, it was as if a part of me had been lost forever. To this day it has been the only funeral that I have ever cried at.“You’re a man of God, too,’ he whispered. ‘Everyone is.” This was one of the most interesting quotes in the entire book. It was the quote that really got me thinking about my religion and how no matter what denomination, we are all men and women of God. The path to Heaven is different for all of us but in the end don’t we end up at the same place? Then why is there so much dislike within the various religions and even within their own denominations? Only God knows for certain.I have a lot of respect for you Mitch Albom. Not only are you a terrific writer but you are a writer that can reach out to his readers and connect with them in a way that is rare to see nowadays. Your subject matter is unique and fresh, but most all it is honest.


    When my teacher had assigned this book for our class to read, I thought oh gosh, not another nonfiction book, please! However, after reading this book, I am very glad that I had the chance and the privilege to have read Have A Little Faith. This book kept my attention all throughout the book, and also tugged at my heartstrings. This book is also easy to read and a very relatable to many people. I found myself being particularly drawn to the Reb. He was a very wise man, and I would love to have had the chance to sit down with him and have a conversation with him.

    My favorite quote is from early on in the book when Mitch says, “Man likes to run from God.” This quote stood out the most to me, even after I finished the book, I still kept thinking back to this quote. I just find so much truth in it. This quote made me question my own faith and made me realize how much I do try to run from God.
    Another quote I particularly liked is when The Reb had said, “You’re a man of God, too, everyone is.” Because right before this Mitch and the Reb were talking about whether or not they would see each other again. And I think that it is true, we tend to put our religious leader on a pedestal thinking we will never live up to them. For instance, a Pastor, or in Mitch’s case, his Rabbi.
    The quote that stood out the most to me was when the Reb was talking about a minute with God and he says, “Lord, I’ve done x amount of good stuff on earth. I have tried to follow your teachings and to pass them on. I have loved my family, I’ve been part of a community. And I have been, I think, fairly good to people.
    So, Heavenly Father, for all this, what is my reward?
    And what do you think God will say? …
    He’ll say, ‘Reward? What reward? That’s what you were supposed to do!'”
    I loved it when the Reb said this. So many people today think that if they do good deeds they can “buy” their way into heaven. When the truth is, that is only one of our duties.
    During one of his sermons, Pastor Henry says “You knew me. You knew that person, but you don’t know the person that I’m trying to become.” I absolutely loved this part. Society today is very judgmental. There are people out there trying to better themselves, however, due to harsh words from others, they become discouraged. I hate it when people judge others based solely on their past. The past is the past, and if someone is working to be a better person, they shouldn’t let someone else’s words stand in their way.
    A quote that had made my heart melt is when the child from one of the Reb‘s sermons said “Mom, you’re not listening with your eyes.” That part had really touched my heart and made me feel bad for the little girl.


    When I was recently told to read the novel, Have A Little Faith, I expected to have a lack of interest throughout the whole thing. Surprisingly, as I began to read a few chapters of the novel, I became strongly engaged through the rest, leading all the way to end. It is undeniable that I am a person who absolutely loves hearing or reading quotes. Have A Little Faith is filled with a countless amount of memorable quotes and sections, in which I felt were extremely inspiring and touching. It would take a huge amount of time to go through every individual section that stood out to me; therefore, I will only point out a few memorable quotes or sections that meant something to me. In my perspective, one section that stood out a lot was on page 160. It was a conversation between the Reb and Mitch. “Even in our own faith, we have questions and answers, interpretations, debates. In Christianity, in Catholicism, in other faiths, the same thing-debates, interpretations. That is the beauty. It’s like being a musician. If you found the note, and you kept hitting that note all the time, you would go nuts. It’s the blending of the different notes that makes the music.” “The music of what?” “Of believing in something bigger than yourself.”I felt like this was such an interesting conversation between the Reb and Mitch. I feel like a simple conversation such as this recognizes that the Reb is such a wise man that is respectful of different faiths and people. A quote that I read on page 174 was extremely easy for me to understand because I have had the same opinion. It was when Mitch was on his way out of the cold building and saw many homeless people wrapped in blankets on the floor, trying to sleep. ”It’s hard to express what hit me then, except the thought that every one of those bumps was a man, every man was once a child, ever child once held by his mother, and now this: a cold gym floor at the bottom of the world.” Wow! This is all that came to my mind when I read this quote. I completely agree with what Mitch had to say in so many different ways. I think it is miserable to realize the fact that there are so many people who end up being without a home for a variety of different reasons. Money, drugs, or simply being abandoned are just a few ways that people can end up this way. Although it is sometimes hard to believe, everyone was born innocent. In my opinion, it is sad to realize that these people without a home or living a rough life were once innocent babies, held and cared by a mother, most likely living a happy life. Another quote that I enjoyed very much was on page 192. It was when Henry Covington was discussing his past. “No, I say. You knew me. You knew that person, but you don’t know the person that I’m trying to become.”When Henry said this, I felt like he was stating the ugly truth of how people can manage to be so judgmental. I always try my absolute best not to judge people based on their past, because it is a fact that people can change for the better. Many people in this current generation I am living seem to be hateful, negative, and judge anyone that is trying to become a better person. I think that this situation is awful, because I know this can only be discouraging to anyone trying to become a better person. Generally, it seems rude to always look at someone’s past instead of looking at how they are today. I think that people should attempt to be more considerate and helpful to others that are trying to make a better life for themselves, rather than putting them down. Like I said before, there are many memorable quotes and sections that had an extremely meaningful impact on my thoughts. Have A Little Faith was an excellent novel that I feel grateful to have had the privilege to read.


    I have always enjoyed reading very much. It is for this reason that I find the notion of reading a single book more than once silly when more books are present. Therefore,when I read Have a Little Faith twice in the span of two weeks I knew it was special. The incredible thing about this book is that it does not offer an action packed story line decorated with heroism, but simply the truth. This truth is delivered by both words and actions recorded by the pen of Mitch Albom.
    One of my favorite quotes from this book can be found on pg. 155 and it says,”I think about PastorHenry an his roof hole. It is the first time I see a connection. An inner-city church.A suburban synagogue.” This quote is one of the many examples in the book that attempt to highlight the universal theme of faith while not forsaking the differences. Within this book we are exposed to the traditions and belief sytems of a Jewish rabbi, Albert Lewis and that of a Detroit pastor, Henry Covington.
    We learn that to each of these men faith holds a different meaning. To Albert it is something he embraces to remain “connected” to a way of life shared by many. For Henry,faith is something he depends on to keep him alive. Since abandoning his criminal past Henry has been poor in everything but faith. What I like about these two situations is that I feel they bring about the truth that faith cannot be measured. Despite the acts of kindness or devoutness Mitch attributes to both, I cannot say who has the geatest faith as it is something that exists inside each of us.
    Another one of my favorite quotes can be found on page 161-“….you shoud be convinced of the authenticity of what you have, but you must also be humble enough to say that we don’t know everything.” What I like most about this quote is that it presents one of the greatest struggles of faith.
    It is easy to say you believe or have faith in something when the other person you are talking to feels the same. The hard part is not feeling threatened when someone feels just as strongly on the opposing end. From this struggle there has and contnues to result many conflicts like the one shared by Albert’s congregant and the catholic priest.
    However, this quote gives us confidence in the knowledge that true faith is not magnified by proving it, but rather by not disproving anothers. If we do not hold steadfast to our beliefs we cannot expect others to adopt or accept them. The quote reminds me that faith is not selfish or proud . Instead it is what humbles those who are.
    The last quote I would liketo use comes from Cass on page 206. It says, “That kindness saved my life.” Cass of course is referring to the uncompromising charity of Henry who gave him a place to heal when he was both helpless and homeless.What I liked most about this quote is that it challenged me to ask the question of what a world without faith would be like.
    We often blame our faith when we become witness to pain or suffering. At times like these we even begin to question the “authenticity”of our faith. Cass’ quote though leads me to believe that the pain and suffering would only be greater. If Henry would not have found his faith it is unlikely Cass would have found his and both would have remained drug addicts until their deaths. If we did not have faith how could we lead ourselves to dream or realize that imagination is often disguised as innovation?
    This book is filled with many lines that provide both answers and questions. I have only mentioned a few and would therefore recommend this book in hopes that someone would discover the many others.


    My favorite quote of the book is found on page 162If the only thing wrong with Moses is that he’s not yours; If the only thing wrong with Jesus is that he’s not yours; If the only thing wrong with mosques, Lent, chanting, Mecca, Buddha, confession, or reincarnation is that they’re not yours—well, maybe the problems is you.

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