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    I felt inclined to send you a message telling you how much I appreciate your writing. I’ve been an SI reader for quite a while and always enjoyed your columns. I read Morrie when it came out and loved it. I bought Five People about 5 years ago and read half. Found it again today, started over and finished in a few hours. Excellent.

    I caught you on Ferguson last night and your work in Haiti inspires me. Thanks for your efforts there.

    I also remember reading the Courage of Detroit when it was published. I grew up in Detroit, living there from ’60 – ’78. I still have strong feelings for the city. I was heartbroken for Detroit when the Lions when 0 and 16. Yet your column gave me hope. You talked about a lot of things wrong with Detroit, yet you gave us hope that the city can turn things around.

    Thank you. Thank you so much.


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