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    Mitch, It was a delight to read your last novel. I have read and enjoyed several of your books and had the pleasure to listen to you talk at the Miami Book Fair a couple of years ago. I so look forward to the Spanish version of this book (when?) so that I can share it with many of my dear friends in Colombia.
    I had a little trouble with the old lady at the end… even though her subtle presence had intrigued me throughout the book, the tone of her revelations appeared to me as offbeat compared to the rest of the book. Otherwise, the book seemed perfect to me.
    It’s no doubt a love story… not only Aurora and Frankie, but the Maesto, Baffa, Kai and so many other characters show a kind of love we so desperately need in a world where bullies become famous and acclaimed.
    Please keep writing many other inspiring novels. Thanks,

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