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    Did any of you feel that the clip shown here on this site, make you feel that you wanted to read this book? That it was special? I’m curious as what other people think of Mitch reading those first few pages.


    It was marvellous. I’m in the UK, but it’s really whetted my appetite for the real thing, but I’m now so looking forward to it that I’m probably going to preorder from Amazon so that I can get it on release day.


    I thought the preview was excellent and conveys a goodhearted base.I think it’s admirable to try to build a bridge among the major religions, but sad that it’s not obvious that they’re all pretty much the same thing: One God, God the Father.The saddest part of all, however, and I hope I’m wrong about this, but I doubt it, is that there will be no acknowledgement whatsoever in this exploration of faith with regard to God the Mother.


    seeing Mr. Albom and hearing a bit of this new book, i said to myself “it’s finished? i want more!”. by reviewing the last works of him, i can say that this one is surely a thumbs up just like the other books.


    READ THE BOOK! NO… buy the audio CD version – YES definitely. Ordered my copy today.I love listening to Mitch read as I drive to the hospital for my shift. I just love his voice as he reads the story- it’s full of feeling, empathy, sympathy. Such wonderful stories. Please keep writing Mitch.


    Mitch’s reading with the accompanying photos and videos definitely is intriguing. The questions posed – ‘will you do my eulogy’ and ‘will you save me’ from the two clergymen piqued my interest to know how faith is interwoven in this story. I really liked this preview and eager to listen to future readings. Thanks for asking my opinion BN – I met you in Detroit when you were still little.


    I liked the preview & Mitch’s voice delivering his own work always ring true with me. Mitch, I have always said that your at your best when your telling a story. Yes, everything is telling a story – daily radio weekly TV. But, when your focused on ‘character’, whether it’s an athelete’s journey to success or the outreach to the less fortunate of us, your a focused beam of light. We’re very far apart politically, but politics has become lobbyist/entertainment instead of news/governance. I know this latest book will help many see that the greatest gifts we get in this world is what we give to others. Thanks Mitch. I’m sure we’ll all enjoy this one.


    The preview was great and yes it makes me want to read the book even more. Mitch always has a way with words. Having read his other books, the title alone should make it a good read. Faith is such an important part of daily living.Theresa


    The Preview was thought Provoking.
    I am also struggling with faith and I am on a mission of redemption.
    I am interested in checking his book out further.
    Vincent D. Faini
    Author of the books:
    MOST PEOPLE TALK BULLSHIT:One Primate’s Search For Intelligent Life


    Vincent: You will really connect with this book. John


    A gret preview. It really gets the emotions going as it helps to make the connection for the reader to really want to take the journey of reading the book.Keep this idea going.


    Religion is such a big topic, and it has such a huge effect on the world. While technically, it isn’t something you can eat, something that gives you shelter, or some other product, it controls a large part of the economy. It does not provide a clear-cut service, so why? Because a lot of people feel they need it. To believe in something greater, to feel connected to the people around them. They invest in that feeling, and thus it is important. And like all important things, often times it is fought over. Which religion is right? Even amongst what seems at first to be the same religion, there are infinite variations all claiming they are right. Is any of them even right? Or do they all posses a piece of the bigger picture? I do not know. I don’t know what is real, what is fake, what is made up in ignorance, and who believes what they say when talking about religion and who is abusing it. But I do know that a lot of people feel they need it, to get through their day to day life. And I believe that this book shows just what belief can do for people, even if they are two difrent religions.


    Yes, absolutely yes. As a minister I am constantly tlling people that when they set out to bless others, to be a blessing they themselves are blessed in return. Mitch’s statement how he set ou tto do some one a favor and instead had a favor done for him…I was sold..I want to order a copy and read it, I want to get the book on cd and share it with my ten year old son who listened with me to For one More Day and wept through it with me also!


    Fan frm Singapore here… love the preview & just collected my pre-ordered copy today… Am starting another fantastic journey tmr with u, Mr Albom… can’t wait!

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