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    Mitch, if you do read these – how can I put into words what has transpired over the few days I read “Have A Little Faith”. In two weeks I will travel form my home in North Pole, Alaska to my “original” home Hazlet, New Jersey to say good bye to my mother who does not have much longer to live (that is if she is till alive by the time I am able to make it home). Thank you for inspiring me , through Rabbi Lewis and Pastor Henry with the words I must say and the deeds I must do when I get there. I only wish my Rabbi growing up at Congregation Ohav Zedek in Bayonne, New jersey was a little more like Rabbi Lewis.


    Mitch,”Have a Little Faiith” never served a greater purpose for me than it did last night.
    Yesterday we received the terrible news that Denver, our 11 year old Golden Retriever and best friend, has very advanced bone cancer. His time left with us is measured in days and weeks, not months or years.I had the difficult task of breaking this news to my 18 year old son and 12 year old daughter. This dog is like a sibling, not a pet.Through her tears, my daughter asked me about “how it would end for Denver”, “what we would do with his body”, “can he be cremated and keep the ashes” among other questions. I told her we would “figure out something to do”.Normally, I would have been the first one to “squash” the notion of “saving the ashes” or anything of a ritual or a traditional aspect when it came to a dog. My wife was dumbfounded, in a good way, by my responses. She had only one question: Why?The Reb was right. The people we love, the things we love, all the things that have brought joy, goodness, mercy and grace to our lives, need to be remembered.Denver deserves no less.


    I purchased your new book in Pittsburgh right several days after my husband had a heart transplant. I was experiencing many emotions while he was in ICU … concerns for him and of course thoughts of the young man who died too young and gave my husband his heart. This book opened my 53 year old eyes to faith. I shed many tears while reading this book but felt so much lighter after I finished the book. I decided I would never part with the book. I just sent the donor family my first letter of gratitude and also sent my book to them with many healing blessings. A friend I made while in the hospital brought me the information about the lecture you were giving in Pittsburgh and I had planned to go but unfortunately my husband ended up back down in ICU then. Thank you so very much for this book.


    Dear Mitch,
    Thank you for what you do.
    P.S. Nice talk you gave yesterday 11/6 in Syracuse 🙂


    I started ” Have A Little Faith” last evening and finished this morning before lunch. Your rendering of Alembert Lewis, Henry Covington and Mitch Albom was inspirational for me. I can use some inspiration!
    Many Thanks to all three.
    Dan C


    Mitch Albom for me is a multitalanted person and a great inspiration to me as well as hundreds of people around the world . He is a great writer , tv brodcaster and musicain . Among all the talents he had within him I loved his writing and singing ability the most . I love his song lyrics the most , especailly the lyrics of the song “Hit Somebody” . He has always and will always be one of the greatest inspiration in life for me to move forward .


    Hey Mitch, Travis Mann here from Nashville. Thanks for hangin at our show and for purchasing the CDs. I hear you talked us up on your show and played our music. Actually got an order for some CDs from Detroit since. If we ever make it up there I’ll let ya know. What’s a good Honky Tonk for us to play in Detroit? My bass player, Joe Fick, really enjoyed “Tuesdays with Morrie” as he just lost his father from ALS. Hope to see you again and many thanks brother.


    I am not quite sure if the message will be reviewd by Mitch or others only. After reading the book Have A Little Faith, I stopped for a while and I really wanted to talk, with you. And I have a hope, I hope I can make it come true with the help from the person that is being in love with hope.
    I know one single article from you could help people from Henry’s church. You judged Henry at the very beginning but you changed your views once you got to know him. I know someone, he is an international student in Toronto. He might not be able to finish his remaining two years study here and sent back home.
    Here is his story. I will try to finish this as briefly as possible. He broke up with his ex girlfriend when he was doing study in Vancouver. He was so down, he couldn’t focus on his study. He got lost. Living in a foreign country and lost the only spiritual support all of a sudden, he didn’t know what he should do. He was mis-guided then.
    There are always some people who want to take advantage of others at this point. I think he is a victim as well. But he has to carry all the responsibility and be blamed. Someone told his parents far away back home that he couldn’t finish the study at all and he should try the fraudulent marriage. He was controlled by others at that time, when he was completely lost after the relationship failed.
    He didn’t go on the street and punched people, or hurting other people to vent his anger, or unhappiness; he didn’t turn to the drugs either. He didn’t have a good past for this. He made a mistake. He took a wrong path. Just like Henry in Have A Little Faith, he made a mistake. However, he didn’t pray for a new life. He has been praying since he suddenly woke up that he realized the fraudulent marriage is wrong, he has been praying for a second chance, just to finish the remaining study in Toronto.
    He is being sent back home soon and he is still in his 20s. He couldn’t carry on what he has been learning in Canada for these five years. If he goes back home, he can’t attend the university, he might not be able to find a job.
    He just need the chance to stay here and finish the school. Can you really blame someone if he wants to go to school? Can you really blame someone that he got lost because he loved someone so deep? If he is not being given a second chance, how would other know him better, and will be doing better than ever before? If you didn’t give Henry a second chance, how would you know him better and help more people? Think about it, if you didn’t listen to others, you wouldn’t have been heard by so many people that they would like to help.
    …It’s amazing how folks can’t see you, ’cause they want to keep you in the past…
    People make mistakes, people have past. Henry made a lot of mistakes, did a lot of bad things. He got a bad past. But is he a good man now? Isn’t he helping others? Can’t we be a little more understanding and maybe we should see people not from what they are wearing, but the heart. How about seeing through their eyes?

    Few people have that patience or maybe I should say, few people have that heart. You make one mistake, you are already judged and your whole life is ruined. He asked for a life. He got it from God. Poeple here make one mistake. Most of the people would just ask for one more chance. They never get it though. God help people. Shouldn’t we people help people first. God live so far away from us, if we people cannot hear us, or refuse to hear us, you will not be heard either.

    Look into ourselves, we made mistakes and we do have past, either good or bad–most of the time, bad ones, I guess. If you can give yourselves another chance because you believe yourself that you are going to change and be good, and because you don’t want to keep yourself in the past. Please, also give others one more chance, just let them get the chance and change, let the past go.

    Let yourself be heard by hearing others.
    Mitch, he needs your help. I need your help to help the one that I love.
    From Katherine–the helpless and hopeless one.


    Thanks for all of your articles in the Free Press, more than once they really hit home. Thanks for the articles in Parade magazine. Thanks for your radio show I have listened intently this past year. All of you guys on Mitch’s radio show are entertaining. I enjoy and agree alot on the topics discussed. Thanks for the nice pictures at the Lincoln test drive at Somerset. All of your books I have and you have signed them all. I would love to do some of your time to help projects. I wish I could find someone to carpool. So far away for me. In short, and I have said it before, Thanks for being you.


    I wrote you before about this book. I want you to know I listen to a disk on CD almost every night. It takes all the worrisome thoughts out of my head and I can fall asleep because of the comfort it gives me. I have read the book twice, given it to friends several times for gifts and only hope they can get the inspiration I received from this book.
    I have read all of your books (more than once), but this is my favorite.
    I live just around the corner from Oaklyn, in Audubon. I used to live on 4th Avenue in Haddon Heights, so the book is home to me in (970’s)
    God Bless you (the only God, that is the one your Rabbi believe in)


    I loved this book. I bought your book for my husband, who is a recovering Jehovah’s Witness. I was raised as a Roman Catholic, and like you, drifted/ran away from my faith as I became an adult. Like you I’ve also been “fine, healthy, made money, didn’t need to ask God for much…”
    In our interfaith marriage, religion is a thread thats often discussed as we weave through our own path of raising a family, and dealing with the families that we came from. My husband’s family is still very much entrenched in their elitest beliefs, which causes a lot of heart ache for us. To date, my Mother-in-Law has met our daughter once in her 3 years of life. It’s very sad and confusing… I wish so much that I could get her to open her mind and take in your book. To see the beautiful faith of your Rabbi brought me to tears and inspired me take another look inside of myself. Thank you.


    Hi Sir,After reading Tuesdays with Morrie, I instantly became a fan of you and Morrie. I was deeply touched and your book came to me at exact moment I was in need of someone to talk to give me comforting words. Your book is God’s answer to my prayer and I’m looking forward to read your other books. May God bless you always! =)


    Mr. Mitch, I started reading your books when I became a highschool student from ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ to buying ‘The Five People You Meet in Heaven’ until my bestfriend told me to read this book because his favorite teacher, which reminds me of Morrie although there are big differences, endorsed this to their class. Told ’em they should read it and it was available in our school library.I don’t know. I’m just a kid, that’s what I thought. But Mr. Mitch, I like your books. It changes people.You know Mr. Mitch… you’re not a selfish author, making books about yourself but the opposite. You make books for others, you spread the words. Your books pay great tribute to people on the other side of the world that I probably need. Through you, I receive advice for stuff I need. I might be paranoid, but I’m just scared that one day I might read a book like TWM, TFPYMIH or HALF.. But it doesn’t contain Morrie’s death or Eddie’s or Henry’s or Reb’s… but you know who…

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