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    dearest mitch,

    i was never been a fan of any author…
    though im a book lover

    but, when i first read the book
    the 5 people you meet in heaven,
    i was so excited to read Tuesday’s with morrie
    and your other books…

    i only borrow books…
    from the library…
    from a friend…

    but your book “have a little faith”
    is the FIRST book of yours that i
    have my own copy…

    i never thought i could have one…
    because i cant afford to buy such
    book like that…
    luckily, someone gave me
    the book as a gift

    im now looking for someone
    who can lend me FOR ONE MORE DAY..

    hope to meet you someday…
    you’re such an inpiration to me..,
    love you mitchell…

    love lots,
    from The Philippines
    (you have a lot of fans here)



    I’m wondering, where can I borrow Mitch Albom’s books here in the Philippines? Cause it’s way too expensive. I wish someone to make it a gift for me haha. I love 5 PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN. I hope someone can lend me the books FOR ONE MORE DAY and HAVE A LITTLE FAITH. Pls guys, I really want to read these books. TIA 🙂



    Hello Mitch! I’m from Philippines; just wanna let you know that I so loved your books. It touched my life. I’ve had a great time reading ‘Tuesdays w/ Morrie’ and ‘The Five People You Meet in Heaven’. It even brought me to tears.

    Your books are a great help to realize more about life; so it were. It’s funny how a teenage like me realized this.

    I can’t wait til Aug. to buy ‘The Time Keeper’. I know it will be worth buying as it is always be. I assure to buy the other books of yours.

    “In the tension of opposites, love always wins”.

    P.S I look like TALA. I wonder, when was the last time you came here in our country?

    Thank You! Mabuhay!-Diana 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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