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    Mitch, what a wonderful book!!! I was given the book by my wife. She surprised me with a copy at the beginning of a long weekend on call. It was a tough week end but I started reading and could not stop. I finished the book on Thanksgiving eve. Friday I went to our local Sam’s Club and loaded up the back of my pick up truck with food for a very small mission for the homeless. I pulled up to make my delivery and was blessed by the love I received from five elderly men who were working at the shelter. You would have thought I had brought them a million dollars. I unloaded the food and received five of the best hugs I have received in a long time. I left in tears seeing what a small amount of money did for these people. I am a blessed man. The book and it’s message has inspired me to act on some long awaited ideas to held our homeless and less fortunate. Thank you for the wonderful story and articulating how many of us feel who have been blessed with much but don’t act on our impulses as we should. I plan to repeat my trip as often as I can and help as much as possible. This is a small grass roots church mission in our poorest section of the city. They are not receiving help from the larger charities. Thank you again. This has been a great week end and I am truly blessed.

    Dr. Brian Hull

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