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    Nice book Mitch! Made me laugh, and made me cry (Even taught me a little Spanish as well)! I got your book at library on 1 December 2015, finished on 05 December 2015. I noticed Gordy Lupo, from Gordy’s Music in acknowledgements. I had just been to his guitar show on November 29th. Growing up in Detroit area in the 50’s through now, your book covered it all! I had seen you (Talking to a bunch of people) in Lobby of Fox Theater for Brian Wilson/Rodriquez awhile back. I wanted to say hi, and say I liked your other books, but, you looked like you had your ears already filled up. Anyways, I read book from cover to cover. I’ll see you around Detroit somewhere, and say hi next time.

    Robert MacDonald~
    Wyandotte, MI


    Hey Robert,

    Thank you! This means a lot to read. Appreciate you coming out to the Fox event, too. Next time, say hi.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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