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    I recently found the urge to share this book with the world and wanted to share my post with you! I can only hope that my writing one day inspires someone as much as this book has inspired me. I hope to someday have the pleasure of meeting you. You’ve influenced a vision that will entail fulfillment, and I will want to say thank you.

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    I once wrote: “It’s an absolute amazing world we live in, suffer through, and flourish with. We are indulged by a society that is seemingly condemned yet bound by nothing. We have diminished our values, exploited the norms and have made a mockery of all of our moral customs and traditional ways of life. Or have we?” The current book that I’m reading entitled “Have a Little Faith” by Mitch Albom reminds me of my previous writing as it describes simplicity in life, truth in values, and the meaning of living a purposeful life. It articulates a past-time that should not be so soon forgotten, and a lifestyle that should simply not be abandonded. Most of all it gave me hope when I was hopeless and drew a smile when I needed it most. I recommend to anyone that continuously questions life and is reflective upon themselves. Otherwise, it may mean nothing to you.

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