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    Hey Mitch, I am one of your many fans, but really enjoyed Have a Little Faith. While reading the book I could not get the idea of sending all of my friends and family a copy of the book. Sorry but I could not afford all of the books, but thought it would be a great idea to sign my name and date that I read the book. I then have passed it on to someone special who I think would appreciate it and they sign their name. I currently have 14 names in my book and it is still going strong. Once they give me the book back I give them a copy of the article of the repair to the hole in the roof. This book with all of these names will be so special for me as it will always let me know how many peoples hearts were touched. You are an inspiration and I am proud to say that I too believe in Detroit. Thanks for the book and all that you do to help others! KM / Northville, MI

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