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    My husband gave me have a little faith for Valentine’s and that weekend at our family cottage I could not put it down. Thank you Mitch for the incredible way you share your experience with us. I have read your other 3 books also – each time I get to the last page, that feeling of massive insight that hits you like an opening to a new way of seeing the world. It’s been a lot of confirmation for what I’ve always believed somewhere deeper, but the “programming” in the outside world, the media has such a powerful hold. I find myself often alone in this place knowing “the teacher appears only when the student is ready” while I steadily attract the people into my life who do share this more open perspective – it’s instant now – I would say even miraculous the people who have been flowing into my life. Perspectives – a new one to see through intermingled with my own life experiences – it’s an incredible process of self discovery. I look Asian, and I say that because my culture is so mixed (English/Chinese with parents/grandparents born in British Guyana) – I was born in Toronto along with 3 siblings, plus 2 older brothers born in Scotland. We lost our “oriental” culture 4 generations ago. My grandparents including my amazing 90 year old Grandmother (who is half English) all spoke English – their first language. I never heard any other language growing up, and didn’t realize I was “Asian” until I saw a documentary in grade 1 or 2 (virtually all caucasian neighbourhood)on the Inuit, and suddenly realized how people must see me differently! We moved to a very Jewish area from grade 6 onwards, and for the first time discovered there were people who didn’t celebrate Christmas. This blew my mind at the time. We grew up extremely sheltered, but very nurturing, stable, loving home. I realized that I was taught to fear “people” especially black, Indian, strong religious types – it all came from my mother’s experience growing up in Guyana – which I don’t see as “wrong” – it was just her experience, and her way of “protecting us” (including Jim Jones cult leader) + the media and her life experiences would confirm these beliefs. Inside it’s this fear of trusting people – as I read your book I kept bouncing back and forth from wanting to believe in Henry (my true faith is here in people & why I’ve completely switched careers from an accountant to a professional life coach), but my mother’s voice of fear which looks like reasoning/practicality/common sense would creep in advising “see – people can’t be trusted” each time Henry “fell again”. I absolutely loved how you structured the story this way – it is the experience I have in my life in so many ways – wanting so much to trust, and have faith in people, and then being disappointed because of the fear so many people have, but then coming right back to ultimately what faith is all about – the bigger faith in God or the Universe – having compassion, the Golden Rule – that “God’s love” is in us all – we are all connected, but only if we choose to believe it, and that it’s simply having that faith that is the only way we are able to see it. Our perception or perspectives becomes our reality.

    I am so grateful in the space I am in now – writing my first book to have read this one at this time…thank you for being so authentic – it inspires me to call myself forth to do the same with my’s very scary, but at the same time I know what I need is to “have a little faith”.

    With love and light,

    Carolyn Hidalgo

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