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    I’m writing an argumentative essay for my college rhetoric and composition class. My thesis is that interfaith dialogue and exposure between students in public education facilities must be permitted to successfully teach impartiality and to allow further analysis of our own beliefs.

    The first novel I read of Mitch’s collection was Tuesdays With Morrie and I fell in love with his writing. As a youth pastor of my church, I understand the importance of teaching about other religions. We may not accept their beliefs, but understanding their reasoning can help us understand ours.

    I watched Have A Little Faith last night and the movie corresponds well to my thesis. I forget a small part of the movie that is important for me to quote.

    In the supermarket scene where the Rabbai sees a Hindu lady, he makes the remark about how beautiful or interesting that faith is. “Mitch” then asks something like “how can you be so tolerant or accepting of other faiths?” I forgot the Reb’s response but I know it was awesome.


    Can anyone help me out in finding the response to that question?

    God bless!


    This one?  I love this.  I have always felt in my heart that no matter what religion they all lead to the same place.

    Mitch asked his Rabbi, “If our religion is so special, why are there so many others?” The Rabbi’s response was, “God created trees, yes? God made the tree perfect, so why not stop at one tree? Why all the different varieties of trees?” Then he answered his own question with, “So that all the different tress and their branches could reach up to God.”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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