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    I read, and loved this book which I purchased when my Father was diagnosed stage 4 colon cancer. I wanted my Dad to read it as well, but he was not as inclined to read it as I was. When the movie came out, I took it to my parents home, popped popcorn, and watched this wonderful movie together. We often talked about the people we would meet-or that we hoped to meet. But the thing he talked about most, was how ‘your heaven’ is where you loved to be most. After 8 years, last Wednesday (Oct 8, 2014) my Dad took his last breath, and the last thing I said to him was “remember when we watched ‘The Five People You Meet in Heaven’, you get to pick where you will spend eternity-and I know your heaven will be Pathfinder (purchased campsites in Hinkley MN), you will stay there forever-never need to pack to go home, and I will make sure the beer fridge is always stocked for you.” He smiled a little, his breathing slowed and he passed away peacefully surrounded by his loved ones and to the sound of his 4 month old great grandson giggling. Thank you so much for a wonderful story that we could talk about, and that I could reference to tell Dad it was ok.

    ~Jill Anderson

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