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    In 2008 and then again in 2009 my husband had 3 strokes. He was put into a nursing home for about 4 months . In the meantime I lost my Dad, my son who was a mommy’s boy his whole life stopped speaking to me for almost 2 years , his reasoning was that I was financially irresponsible because I also claimed bankruptcy when my husband lost his job. I am sure it was more to it. He was raised almost to perfection and sheltered and had the best childhood of any child , no broken home, graduated from Brandeis Cum Laude and we never made him work because he was a 2 sport athlete and was always traveling. Sometimes I wish maybe he had it harder, maybe it would have made him more compassionate….sigh….anyway I digress.

    At the same time all this was going on my step-daughter was a drug addict and her 2 children were at my house almost every day and night for 18 months. I had my granddaughter from birth to 2 , her first steps, words, first haircut, everything. I was the one there for her while my child did drugs and ended up in a rehab I found . Last year she was living on the streets and lost her children to their father ( who finally showed up ) . Then my mom died , then we lost the house. Then my husband comes home from rehab and is not anyone I recognize, the man I married is gone. I now have a man who is basically in first stage dementia and with lots of side effects from his strokes. And to add to my misery , he opens the front door and let’s 2 of my dogs out and the get hit by a truck. I held my 9 year old Kay-Man in my arms as he bled out . My Hermie was killed instantly. Three weeks later he takes my pug out in 90 degree weather and leaves him there , Frankie dies as well. I have no help , I loose my job of 20 years I am alone in Maine, my family is in Massachusetts, my son left me, my daughter is in rehab  I have 2 small children at home, I also have M.S.

    I am a Catholic, Melkite Catholic aka Greek, 1/4 German Jewish But practicing Catholic. My son was baptized Greek Orthodox, and much much much to my dismay, coconverted Judaism to marry. I almost went over the edge when he did this, actually I did.

    So now to my point. I don’t know how I ended up with this Book in my hand, I think God meant me to have it , and I sat for one hour each Sunday at adoration I read this book, in a church ,before my God and the man sitting next to me

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