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    Mitch, on a daily basis, shows everyone he is a brilliant thinker and orator. I’m continually in awe of his sense of the world and after reading “Have a Little Faith”, I now know how he got that way. Thank you Albert Lewis.


    Hey guys, I thought I would share some advance praise from booksellers:“When I saw Mitch Albom had a new book coming out I grabbed it and immediately started reading. As expected, this book was wonderful. I was intrigued by the way Albom worked the story of the two pastors together, leaving the reader in suspense to discover how Henry becomes involved in the story. It was great to read a story of three men (Mitch included) exploring faith and life. This book has encouraged me consider my own faith and that of the people I share my life with.
    I will recommend this book to everyone as I do with Tuesday’s With Morrie, For One More Day, and The Five People You Meet in Heaven. I hope to hear Mitch speak or do a book reading some day. I’ll keep an eye out for trips to Pittsburgh.” -Stephanie Raufer, Pittsburgh“WOW….As a bookseller with BN, I was thrilled today to see the advanced copy Mitch Albom’s new book. I started reading it during lunch and by page 38 I started wondering if I just wanted to use four hours of vacation and go home so I could finish the book…I was taken to that place book lovers find when they are holding something special. As seasoned bookseller with a reputation of hand selling and many regulars wanting to know “what should I get this week”, I have no doubt this book will be a hit.” -Pam, Barnes & Noble bookseller


    THANK YOU for my advance copy. I didn’t know how any book could live up to Tuesdays with Morrie — but this one does. The life lessons, the descriptions, the feelings evoked when one reads it — are all one can ask of a writer. I was impatient to get to the actual eulogy — but also knew in my heart what that would mean. Thank you, Mitch, for pointing out that, in significant ways, we are all more alike than different. I hope this book, too, becomes “required reading” at universities. One of the most important requirements of changing one’s thinking is to become cognizant of one another’s upbringing, home life, beliefs, etc.


    I just finished the advanced reading copy I received and I wanted it to never end. This book made me think about my own faith and the struggles I have had over the years with forgiving myself. This book has made me know that I am not alone and I need to put the past in the past. I think Mitch Albom is an amazing writer and writes books that everyone needs to read and I know this book came into my life at just the right moment. This will be a gift I will give to everyone who is important to me. Thanks to Mr Albom for writing books that make a differnece in people’s life.
    Jayne Dudley


    I am threatened by religion. Why?
    In reading the except sent to me, judgemental things ran through my head.
    Silly me. Faith is so hard to describe for me. Mitch has done a masterful job of allowing us to feel comfortable knowing it is the actions we take that can do the describing for us.Life does come down to the actions we take. I have lost so much faith not in the spiritual energy out there, but in humans. I have felt abandoned. Reading everyone’s thoughts reaffirms my faith in good people. We all have our paths to walk, and seeing teachers taking the efforts, volunteer community members giving up their time, etc., gives me the energy to do the things I do for our community.Let’s all stay out there – volunteer, write, paint, teach, pickup trash, bring food to a senior. It seems the biggest complaints I hear are there are so few people connecting with today’s kids; and, adults have lost faith. These two problems seem to be interconnected, and I am rejuvinated reading all of your thoughts.Let’s keep it up and keep acting.regards,


    Reading and enjoying my ARC of ‘Have A Little Faith!’ Many lines have pulled a string on my heart, but this one really took my breath away: “These days I say, God I know I’m going to see you soon. And we’ll have some nice conversations. But meanwhile, God, if you’re gonna taaake me, take me already. And if you’re gonna leave me here…maybe give me the strength to do what should be done.” This piece really hit home for me. I have been down the road and back. I have experienced and learned many life lessons that my peers will only open their eyes to in ten or twenty some years. There is still more for me to live, falling in love with my soul mate and letting our animal instincts run wild on and with each other. But I am tired and tell God that I am living each day for Him. Keep the Faith because it is also a key bone to your body. One strike, two strikes, three strikes, Faith (God) is always in your presence.


    I received an advance copy yesterday. I am about 1/2-way through it. Like the other books by Mitch, this one keeps me in its grasp. I think what will make this book successful is that it addresses something which is quite personal to each of us – faith. The persons that Mitch write about come from different backgrounds, but each contribute so much to the message Mitch is trying to communicate. Excuse me, but I must get back to the book….


    Thanks so much for the advanced copies that I received a few days ago in the mail. I was truly excited about that. My extra copy was sent on to an old boss of mine who first told me about “Tuesdays With Morrie” He encouraged me to read it and so I bought that book along with the others as they came out and loved all of them. I also enjoyed very much reading “Have A Little Faith” Thanks again. Have a good book launch.


    Before I read any of your reviews of the book and just watching the Borders video about “Have a Little Faith” I just wondered if anyone that knows the Pastor or that lives in the Detroit area ever thought of nominating the “Church with the Hole” for Extreme Makeover Home Edition? I was thinking what better way to show the love of God to our country than the care of family this Pastor has for loving these homeless people. This company could fix the roof, paint and provide shelter for the homeless within this church without tearing the entire structure down and loosing the building that makes it unique! After reading the reviews of the book, not to mention I intend to get my own copy today, I understand that God is and has played a HUGE role of community and love even in the Hole in the Roof as ironic as it may sound. What trials He brings us through brings us together and He weaves us as a stronger fabric when we help each other. I pray that God in His Infinate Wisdom will strengthen this Pastor and this Church! Whith God all things are possible!Mr.Albom are you ready to take this to the next level? God is using you in a mighty way. I will keep you in my prayers that you stay focused on Him.Thank you for your time, I’m trusting God that this message will reach you.In His Glorious Name,
    Brenda Kuhlman


    I was flying home from Chicago and read this book on the ride. Amazing as usual. Mitch’s books always move me and make me think harder about my life. My father died from ALS, it was very difficult to read Tuesdays. Having been raised in a Jewish home and now being a believer in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, the Rebs touched me in a very special way.Mitche, Thank you and God Bless you Phyliss


    this book was great thanks so much


    As with all of your books, once I started, I couldn’t stop until the very last page. I was hooked on Tuesday’s With Morrie, and been a big fan since. Your passionate detail and descriptiveness lures me further. The begining of this book describes two people. Myself, a visual person, I build an image throughout reading the book. At the end were two pictures, very close to the portraits my mind had given to them. I must say you have been blessed on so many ways to have had the time spent with these people and to cast their stories into inspirational guides for others. Thank you for providing us with these memoirs, with these life lessons, with faith that their really are good people still in this world.
    This book brought meaning to religion.


    I read the entire book in almost one setting—thank you! I want to know if the roof has been repaired at Henry’s church? If not, what is the cost? I have purchased 20 copies and have 5 left to “pay forward”–
    Brenda Benson


    My friends are starting a chapter of Family Promise which provides shelter for the homeless families thru an interfaith network, comprised of churches, synagogs, mosques, etc. I have always had a heart for the homeless, my husband feeds men on Saturday mornings at the men’s shelter. After reading ‘Have a little faith’ I decided to volunteer my time and talents and help them to get the Family Promise of the Hudson Valley in NY off the ground. We are planning a Spring 2010 launch date. Please keep us in your prayers! Thanks, Mitch, for keeping us focused on what truly matters on this earth (and to God) Love, Shelly


    Beautiful book with a special message for each and every one of us. Always have faith and trust in God. He has the answer to all of our problems. So needed in this day with all the heartache, sorrow and pain that so many face every day. Thank you, Mitch, for sharing the lives of two great men with us and at the same time, encouraging each of us to review our own life and know there is something more that we all have to look forward to at the end of our road.

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