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    Excellent response, Rob. You are right where God would like you to be – exploring, thinking, listening. Religion is a confusing idea. It is found in the life of the Mitch Albom’s, the Albert Lewis’s, the Henry Covington’s, and others you may never know or read about.It took me almost 45 years to realize, the church was not where God wanted me, and a while longer to realize His presence in my life. That is all that He asks of any of us, to know Him and accept His ways are so muuch better than our own.


    A beautiful book. I read an article in the Newpaper USA today about the book, while I was staying at hotel on business. I usually never read the paper as it is so upsetting to read about what goes on in this world, TV gives me enough of the bad news. After reading the article I purchased the book and so glad I did, I am giving to my son to read. I loved it


    I just finished reading Have a Little Faith. I’ve told everyone I know to read it. I think we all can learn a host of lessons from the book. Especially about how to live together in this world in peace and tolerance. Books are meant to be shared so I will gladly share my copy with a friend so that this wonderful story can touch them as much as it has touched me. I feel somehow like I have learned as much from both “Reb’s” as Mitch has. Thank you for creating such a wonderful book about the lives of these incredible men and also your lessons along the way. You have a brilliant way of writing that has truly affected me in a positive way. It is a wonderful gift to be able to write and share that gift with the world. Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing in Detroit in a time where people need it the most. I appreciate your writing wholeheartedly. Thank you. And of course, God bless you. Betsy Borling


    This is the comment that I posted on YouTube, I thought I’d share it here:
    Sometimes I think God takes an average man and then gifts him with the talents to touch lives in extraordinary ways that make the world a better place. Just when you think that hope is waning and there is little you can do to improve the situation – along comes Mitch, and he inspires you to reach higher, love deeper and care with every ounce of yourself. Hope renews, the world begins to smile again and then, God winks. Well done, Mitch.


    I am a police officer and work in a low income area of Orlando,Fl. I have met and gotten to know many young “Henry’s”, “Cass’s”, and “Miracle’s” throughout the last seven years on the job. When I first started my career, I remember thinking that if I could make a difference in just one persons life and get them on the right path to do some good, then I would feel like I did my job. I have to admit, as the years passed my faith deteriorated by seeing people at their absolute worst. This book and its message is a powerful reminder that there is good in all of us and that sometimes people get on the wrong path, for whatever reasons. I admire Henry for staying strong and making a change in his life, and in turn has changed the lives of so many others. I look forward to hearing what this book will do for many of us who have “taken our eye off the ball”. Great work Mitch…


    This is my favorite of all of Mitch’s books. I am a believer in respect for all faiths, religions and spritual practices. This was such a great book!!!


    I would hope that there is room in this discussion for opinions other than glowing endorsements of Have a Little Faith. I sought out this site after I heard Mitch promoting his book on the radio. I took exception when he wheeled out the old saw: “If you don’t believe in God, you believe in nothing,” which Mitch took a step further to imply that without a belief in a supreme being there is no basis for morality. This seems nonsensical to me. My life experience tells me that I can believe in something (or many things) other than what you might believe in without necessarily believing in nothing. I also find G.K. Chesterton’s overused quote: “When people stop believing in God they don’t believe in nothing, they believe anything,” to be both illogical and fallacious. It doesn’t follow that if I don’t believe in one thing I must therefore believe in either nothing or anything. Why can’t I simply believe in other things that may not be supernatural but still inform my moral view of the universe? I believe I can.


    I’ve read this book just now, this morning, on my way to the office. This story is very touching and I really love Mitch’s book. I’ve all te books, except Tuesday with Morrie, I couldn’t find it in Beijing, as I live in China currently. anyhow, this book has the answers for all the curiosities about faith. actually when i found this book i didn’t notice this book is about faith and non-fiction of mitch’. i just knew this book’s author is Mitch, then i barely bought it. and at that time, my faith was like on the boat that strucked by strong wind..and there were many questions in my life like, why good people have to be faced in bad life? or other Qs..but after read all, I got evething I needed.. this book is the most favorite one.. Thanks for sharing your friend’s life and yours too Mitch. I’m waiting for the next edition..henny novianti, Beijing


    I finished this book today, and I must say it really moved me. It is on my list of gifts to send out this holiday season.When I lost my son in 2008 it was really hard on me, then I read Mitch’s books Five People You Meet in Heaven and For One More Day. It helped soften the blow, but this one really helped me and I have recommended it to other people I know who have lost a child. Reb was an inspiration to me. 🙂 Thank you Mitch!


    I am a youth minister in an affluent small town in Alabama. I have always believed that there is something within all of us that compels us to make a difference – that at the end, our lives would have counted for something more than “making our mark” by collecting life’s toys and accolades. I read this book because as a youth minister and father of four young boys, I wanted to share in what I believe is our calling to impact people with our faith. “Have a Little Faith” is not only a moving tribute to two wonderful men of God, but also is proof that when all the layers are peeled away, the world really has nothing to offer except heartbreak, disappointment and pain. Money, big houses and fame … all eventually go away. The feeling that the workplace or material things provides us with a false sense of security – and, sadly, an ego that convinces us we don’t “need” anything, especially if it has anything to do with God. We just don’t understand the concept truly being “needy.” Still, only faith stands the test of time, as proven by two amazing men from very different backgrounds sharing the love of God in very different ways. And yet, they are the same in so many ways, right down to the nicknames they share – Reb. We are all searching for hope and truth in a world that rarely provides either and yet, as Mr. Albom shares, there are those whose lives truly count for something eternal. The students in my youth ministry as well as the members of our very Southern Baptist church will be affected by this book in some form or fashion over the coming months. It is one of the most inspiring books I have ever read and I believe the effect and impact of it will be far-reaching. I am blessed to have read this book, if for no other reason than it re-energizes my desire to have my own life count for something “bigger than me.”


    I’m reading this book (started last night) from a slightly different perspective than some……I’m a Preacher’s Kid (52 now), and remember what it was like for folks (friends) to come to my home and wonder about what it’s like to be around a “Preacher” that they see in the pulpit every week, and don’t know much about as a “person.”
    My interest in the book is driven from that point of view, and also from the appreciation for “The First Five People You Meet In Heaven.”
    I read that at random, before the movie ever came out, and appreciated the many different facets of that book. It brings on a thought-provoking process that I found multi-faceted, and intriguing.


    I have just returned from seeing you at Temple Beth Or in Boca Raton. My boss called me at work and asked me if I wanted to see you. He was so kind and left me tickets at the door to see you. Although, I have not read the book as of yet, I loved your talk. It was very inspirational. My family and I have been going through some bad times, and you almost had me in tears. You made me feel that almost anything is possible and to Have Faith.
    I also come from NJ and when you were talking about the Rabbi you could have been talking about our Rabbi.
    I have read Tuesday with Morrie and The Five People you meet in Heaven and each of the books have something inspiration.
    Thank you again. I do try hard to believe in faith.
    Abby Zimmel


    What can i say but only that this book touched me alot. I could not put it down. I didn’t want it to end. I felt as if i had known these 2 special guys personally.
    Thank you so much Mitch for sharing their story with the world.
    This is the first book i have read by Mitch Albom, i can’t wait to read his others.
    Thanks again this book is still resonating within me.
    Many thanks
    Sonia (happysnowman)


    This is my third book from Mitch and I’m feeling so peaceful, empowered and so glad I took the time to read this book. My husband had hip replacement he’s 64 and I’m 63 and his daughter Robin purchased the book for Joe, we’ve already passed this to my sister and now we’ll decide who reads it next.The things you learn while reading this story and the feelings you have for the Rabbi and for Henry are so surprising and enlightening. I look forward to his next book and hope he writes many more blessings to this gifted man from a sometimes grumpy grandma..who’s life has seen a lot…and in his book learned more then she ever could predict…Dorothy from grammology


    This book like the others ended to soon. Once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. I have also read Tuesday’s With Morrie, the 5 People You Meet In Heaven, and For One More Day. I am glad I didn’t miss the Oprah show the day you were on discussing your book! Keep up the fantastic work.

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