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    It was with great expectation that i received my copy of have a little faith. And i was not disappointed. I would like to share that what I found, was a book that i believe will not inspire, but drive many to awaken their faith within. In any and many gods, it is about believing and holding close deep faith within, in what we believe. Ultimately at some point we are all reminded to look up, to look around, and to continue the faith. with much love.


    Im only 15 and i have read all of your books. I hated reading until i found your books. I finished your books in less then one day. Have A Little Faith tought me some of the best life lessons. this is the best book i have ever read.I let my friend read it and she thinks its the best. I think you should write more book, they are awesome!


    I was meant to read this book. In the middle of reading it, my grandfather passed away and I was asked to speak about him at his funeral. In the same week, my wife and I found out we miscarried after 8 weeks of pregnancy.
    My faith is much, much stronger after reading this book and taking time to reflect on the messages.
    I spent years running from my faith for all the reasons mentioned in this book and more.
    Mitch, you have an incredible gift. Thank you for giving me the chance to reflect on my faith.


    hi mitchJust finished reading have a little faith, as a person who has probably read and finished 10 books in my whole life (I’am 68) I have to say it’s a masterpiece , keep up the good work on all fronts . As I was reading your book the song Stand by Me came into my mind several times , this particular version (sent to me by my daughter ) is quite infectious. Hope you enjoy it.regards


    I bought two copies of your “Have a Little Faith” book the first day it was released, Sept 29th. One copy for me, one copy for my best friend Lisa, (best friends since I was 17 years old and she was 16 (I’m 53 years old now). We both enjoy your column and all of your non-sports books and we enjoy chatting about them during our deep discussions about life and our kids etc. Usually I get your latest book signed before I give it to Lisa, but you weren’t going to be near Plymouth, Mi at the time and Lisa had been in the University of Michigan hospital for a few weeks and I knew your book would cheer her up and keep her fighting to live. A few weeks prior to your books release Lisa had discovered a blood clot in her leg and then a clot went to her lungs and then clots starting forming everywhere. She referred to it as, “…clots gone wild” and the doctors tried everything to stop clots from forming and determine the root cause. Soon she had clots in both arms, her legs, her heart as well as her lungs and changing blood thinners didn’t help. She was scared and didn’t want to be alone so her sister-in-law Carole and I both split up our days so that one of us was always with her, we even slept in a recliner next to her hospital bed. (I lost my job in April and hadn’t found another and I was then so glad to be unemployed because it allowed me to devote each day to helping Lisa) Lisa was a fast reader but she was always being sent for more tests or had doctors crowded around in her hospital room that it was taking Lisa a lot longer for her to read your book. She always had it next to her on her tray table and hospital staff would always ask her about it. (I liked the title too because I was hoping it would inspire her to keep fighting.) Lisa was such a treaure to everyone who knew her, she always made everyone feel like they were special and that they were a close friend. So many people were calling her on her cell phone by her bed and calling her family and trying to visit when she felt so ill and really wasn’t well enough for visitors (..that’s why she was in the hospital!) that we didn’t know what to do. A friend then showed me a website that U of M offers called CAREPAGES, where anyone can create a quick website and update it daily and family and friends will get an automated e-mail linking them to the updates each time one is written. I then began to write updates daily on Lisa’s progress. It really had an effect on her family, they could now focus on visiting and helping Lisa and didn’t have to respond to so many phone calls, and it stopped concerned people from visiting. I would take notes in the hospital and then after 12 hours with Lisa or after spending the night I would go home and write my updates and read a little more of your book. Your writing style was in my head each day as I wrote. Each person who wanted to read these updates had to register with the site. There are over 200 people that read the updates on Lisa and they posted over 400 messages to cheer-on Lisa. We kept telling Lisa about CAREPAGES but she didn’t want to see it. One day Carole brought in her laptop to Lisa’s bedside and brought up the messages and suggested Lisa read them, that they would help her feel better and be inspired. Then Carole left her room to go to the cafeteria. Lisa read all of the messages. It kept her going for quite a few days but then Lisa asked for the laptop again so she could write to everyone who was following her progress. Lisa thanked everyone who had “cut her lawn, brought her husband food etc.etc.” She thanked her brother for being a “rock” and helping her get more tests run. She thanked Carole and I for being with her day and night. She thanked her kids, she thanked her husband of 37 years….She never read my daily updates…she didn’t want to “relive” this nightmare..but she read the messages and looked at all the pictures of her we posted. I know this message is getting to be longer than I planned so I will try to skip more details and get to the end. Lisa was in the hospital about 8 weeks. The last few weeks she was in the intensive care unit. She contracted pneumonia along with everything else and then clots started forming in her arteries in addition to her veins. She begged to be put on a ventilator, as she struggled to breath for two days and was exhausted. The doctors agreed to put her on the ventilator because they knew they needed to operate on her leg now because of a new clot in an artery. The plan was for her to be heavily sedated (unconscious), get breathing relief with the ventilator for a few days and go through surgery to remove this latest clot in her leg, otherwise she would lose her leg. She would then be removed from the ventilator and awakened and her breathing would be easier and surgery would be over. When Lisa was wheeled away to surgery and to be put on the ventilator she gave all of us a big smile and a thumbs-up….but Lisa never came off the ventilator. Clots continued to form in arteries, she had 3 emergency surgeries on both her legs over the next 4 days and the doctors couldn’t stop the clots from forming. Her lungs were getting worse as well. The doctors had done all they could for Lisa but they were unable to find the cause for this aggressive clotting disorder. The family decided to shift the doctors goals away from keeping Lisa alive on the ventilator to continuing to keep Lisa the most comfortable she could be.On Friday the 13th, with a Deacon praying with Carole and I and other family members at her bedside, and more family in a waiting room, Lisa passed away at the very end of a prayer. We had told her it was alright to “go”…and she did.
    We all cried and hugged. I have now realized this was the end of an era…and era of always having someone I couldn’t wait to share a story with…someone who was always there if I needed her, even if we hadn’t talked in a week or so…always having someone who made you feel like you mattered in this tough world….and I never said Goodbye…A day later I was at Lisa’s house and noticed the book, “Have a Little Faith” was already in the bookcase. Lisa’s husband, Mike (a/k/a neat-nik) had already put it away. I could see something was sticking out of the book…it was the business card of Dr.McDreamy (that’s what Lisa and I fondly called him behind his back…that’s not his real name, it was Dr.Constanza.) and it was marking page 247. I wasn’t done reading my copy of the “Have a Little Faith” book, so I glanced to see where Lisa was when she stopped reading….my eyes were drawn to the italicized words on the page, “”Please love one another, talk to one another, don’t let trivialities dissolve friendships…” then the next italicized words were: “Good-Bye friends, good-bye friends, good-bye, good-bye, see you again, see you again, good-bye.”I know this was Lisa’s way of saying Good-bye to us and she was reassuring me that this wasn’t the last time we would talk, as we would someday see each other again.Thank-you Mitch for comforting my friend and me.
    -Elisabeth DeWitt


    i was searching for a book online,
    the book was AZRAEL angel of death..but what i saw was the book of yours..
    “have a little faith”
    i was like… awww…he has a new book…
    and i never thought that im going to have my own copy…
    this book cost 795Php
    and i dont have that much money to spend…luckily, someone bought it for me..,i really want and have to read this…
    because for me…
    i know there’s a lot of lesson to learn!
    i know this book will inspire me!
    (just like Tuesday’s with morrie which i dedicate to my college prof, and 5 people you meet in heaven)thanks for creating such a wonderful books..


    I just finished the book, which I picked up after losing my mother last week. My faith has not been as strong as I would have liked, and was, I think, a bit of a concern for my mom. She told me that when she went, she would send me a sign back that there is truth in faith. I have been waiting for that sign since Dec. 1st, the day we lost her. I believe I found it in this book, particularly in the eulogy. The sentence, “But you knew there is a maddening yet majestic reason you cannot speak to us today, because if you could, we might not need faith. And faith is what you were all about.” That was my mom, all about faith in God and faith in others, in the human spirit. I know now that I don’t have to let her go- she is “woven through me” and that will sustain me.


    I bought your book yesterday and I have already finished it. I could not put it down until I finished it. My husband always asks me why I buy books only to read some of them in the same day! This book truly was wonderful with a great message behind it. I am a chemical dependency counselor at a prison and I have now taken it to work and am allowing some of my clients to read this book. I know that it will touch them and allow them to see that there is a way out of the mess and turmoil of addiction. That way is through God. You have done an excellent job with this book and I am so glad that God blessed you to write it. It will touch millions!!!


    Hi Mitch: Just finished the book and as always could not put it down. You are such a terrific writer. As a Christian seminary student I was a bit surprised by the conclusion of your book however, I mean your opinion. I agree in this time of diversity in our country it is important to recognize and respect many religions. However, I found it perplexing that your stories on Reb were more based on the Jewish tradition (scripture and doctrine) than your stories on Henry were based on the Christian tradition and doctrine (New Testament of the Bible)…perhaps because you are Jewish and comfortable with your faith? I liked the way you tied our current state of affairs in our country with your book. I have learned in seminary that what was going on at the time an author writes is important in understanding the author. I guess in the end I was wanting you to take a more firm stand about your thoughts as it related to these 2 different men of God. I was hoping you would share specifics from a relationship with God standpoint of how each person changed your faith or made your more aware of God. Just a thought. I would highly recommend this book as it is thought provoking, exciting, and heart breaking all at the same time.


    I just finished your book Have a Little Faith. I must admit that I was driven to tears more than once. I loved the book, the minister and the rabbi were two of the most inspirational people I’ve ever read about in our time. Thank you for this book. I wondered why you put in your book and especially in the rabbi’s eulogy the issue with the Catholic priest. I can’t imagine this issue being a defining moment in the rabbi’s life. It struck me as a little prejudicial on your part. Also I got the feeling that you feel bad about marrying a women that was not Jewish. It seems as though when you look back on your life the time when you didn’t practice your Jewish faith you regret the decision. I must admit I felt bad for you your wife and children. When looking back on my own life there is a quote that defines it pretty well “Young men question the existence of God, old men long for the face of God.” I don’t know who to attribute that quote to, but I wish I did. This quote helps me be at peace with myself and the decions I made good or bad in my life. I hope this quote will be of some help to others. Again I’d like to thank you for this wonderful book. Please don’t think that in any way I am trying to be judgemental. I’m just trying to discuss some of my ideas after I read this thought provoking important book. To me this book should be read by anyone with little or great faith.


    I finished Have a Little Faith in one sitting. I started it at 8pm and finished at 10:14pm. I totally loved this book and I am now going to go back and read the others. I was so touched by the people in this story. I too have been a not so faitful follower of God. I have been too ‘busy’ or other various reasons that we all have.
    I have also been on the other side, I was beaten and I have lost a child. And still I wandered away from God. This book reminds me that though I may wander, I am still a child of God and I need to have a little faith in myself, others, and those who have hurt me. Thank you so much for this book. I honestly wish that I could send this book to all the politicians here in Michigan and make them read it and understand. It may not help, but maybe they would gain a little faith too.


    i read have a little faith on a train ride back home from a vacation………nevr read something like this after tuesdays with morrie….i usually dont like non fiction but mitch albom’s 2 books were something out of the ordinary……tuesdays with morrie made me cry……the book made me look at life in a different way….have a little faith made me more firm in my faith in GOD……..i have always been a firm but passive believer in GOD…..i nevr distiguish b/w different faith as i have always believed that GOD is one n all religions preach the same thing…..but i also believe that GOD helps those who help themselves n the divine intervention helps us only if we have done what we need to


    I loved your book I never read one in my life until this one and it was the best.


    Today is January 5,2010, it is the eve of the celebration of the Epiphany in Puerto Rico and I have just finished reading “Have a Little Faith”. I could not ask for a more precious or tangible present. This book has enabled me to appreciate the power of the written word and to be grateful for the grace of faith. As a teacher, I have assigned all of Mitch Albom’s books and each has always offered memorable and significant lessons of values and love. In today’s world of difficult times, it is pertinent that we understand and regard the potential of the ability to change, and admire the dedication, determination, and courage of men of faith. The Rev. Henry Covington and Rabbi Albert Lewis each enables us to be thankful for our “leap of faith”. The Rev. Covington shows us that we are born again in the name of Jesus, and Rabbi Lewis exalts the meaning of a holy man. May the words of Rabbi Lewis:”It’s the blending of the different notes that makes the music” stay in our hearts to empower empathy, compassion, and brotherhood in all of our daily lives. Thank you for your book about two men who inspire us to do and be better human beings.
    Vilma Córdova – Puerto Rico


    When I read the book “Tuesdays with Morrie” I began an unforseen journey with a good family friend who eventually succumbed to Lou Gehrigs. I had not idea I was heading on that journey when I was so touched by “Tuesdays with Morrie”. That book helped tremendously with my grief and understanding.
    Now that I have just finished “Have a Little Faith”, I am wondering if , as in the book, that Mr. Albom is speaking to me alone. I have been on a renewed journey to find my faith again. This book was inspirational to me and will continue to be re-read while I continue on my quest. Thank you so much for your wonderful insight and always seeming to speak to me directly (when I know you are speaking to a world of people directly).

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