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    perfect, having grown up a son of a Rabbi, who had pulpit postion in Winnipeg for 30 years, and conducted himself similar to your Rabbi. My father passed away just 3 months ago, so perhaps I was a little vulnerable.(but I believe you wrote deeply from your heart) Not only do I feel you captured this Rabbi and his persona, but I feel your”lifes lessons” learned came across beautifully. I would like to extend an invitation to you (and your family) if you are ever up in the Vancouver area, perhaps golf/lunch or dinner on me.
    vancouver bc



    I just read this book and I had trouble putting it down as it’s about the language of love. I had some coincidences along the way, in that as I was reading there were connects, language connects, deep ones, and also content connects, to an article I was reading on Now if this were the first time I would chalk this up to pure chance, but my life is synchronous, meaning I am experiencing massive connects that involve not just experiential connects but something deep about language itself. I think there is enough in this book to illustrate something that is magic, in how our lives do thread together and that is, for example, the way this wonderful Rabbi wound up being a rabbi, as “fate”, “providence” or whatever you want to call this put this young man and his father in his life, and then, he did become a rabbi. A happy accident, or, something else?I am seeing the something else about life, and it would be miracle enough to just view the story, but as stories go, I feel we are all of us climbing, another meaning to this word, and, as Troy itself is within the word, story, we are each one of us the heros and heroines of our very own stories, particularly these stories that lead to a kind of Deliverance and then, beyond, that is entirely God centered or “Love” centered, for those who refuse to use any one of the names for God.I am sure the rabbi is with us, still, on the other side. And I don’t doubt as Anne Frank did so eloquently state in her Diary, that it all comes out all right in the end. And then… another beginning.And I was so moved by Henry’s story, the hole in the roof, and all these wonderful stories that I am saying have to do with Divinity, itself.God as storyteller.



    OK you did again this book realy grabbed my heart Thank you ,you are a gifted man





    After reading your last book I was inspired to try to help those less fortunate as well and would like to get you thoughts on the blog
    It’s intended to be a portal to allow those in need to post and request assistance from those which have.
    It’s my first blog and I request insite to make it better.God Bless Gary



    Having been raised in a Jewish home and now being a believer in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, the Rebs touched me in a very special way.Mitche, Thank you and God Bless you



    Thanks for another wonderful book, Mitch.
    I have read all four of your non-Sports books now — and watched the wonderful screen adaptation of Tuesdays With Morrie, with the wonderful Jack Lemmon. I had Have a Little Faith on my To Get list, but before I made it to the city to pick it up, I received it as a gift at Christmas.
    Now I am going to give it to S., my stepson, who came home this past Sunday to be with his paternal grandfather during his last two days. S. was wonderfully blessed to spend this morning from pre-dawn with his grandpa, holding his hand and talking to him through his medicated sleep, and counting the breaths his grandpa took until he breathed his last just a few minutes before noon. He told me “Now I know … it was just like you read in the obituaries. ‘Peacefully, surrounded by his loving family’.” This is S.’s first close loss, so I know he will be able to appreciate what you have written in Have a Little Faith all the better now.
    All blessings,



    Just wanted to stop in and say how much I LOVED your two books that were referred to me by a friend. “The 5 People you meet in Heaven” and I jsut finished “Have a little faith”. I was moved so much and just had to write and let you know. They were so heart felt and I thank you.

    G. Landry



    Dear Mitch,

    I just finished reading Have a Little Faith. It was a Christmas gift from a friend who says I have a strong faith. I’m not so sure I can claim as much faith as Henry and Reb after meeting them through your eyes. Both are such powerful examples of faith and love for God and other human beings. You have lost a great friend and mentor in Rabbi Lewis but God has given you Henry to remind you that love is all around us; we just have to recognize its face. Thank you for saying yes to Rabbi Lewis. Imagine that only 3 little letters opened such a monumental avalanche of love, redemption, compassion, acceptance and works of faith. With appreciation and gratitude,

    CT Tanya



    I had an advanced copy of the book and finished it in a couple of days. It is now in New York with friends and a promise that once they read it it will be passed on to others.

    I saw Mitch in Warren, MI a couple weeks ago and the talk was fantastic.



    You preached a sermon with this book Mitch. It’s not about tolerating people of other religions, it’s about loving people of other religions.



    I just finished this book and I’m still wiping the tears from my eyes. What a blessed life you live, having been touched by the lives of these two “Rebs”. I have learned much from them both and want to thank you for sharing this story. I hope that I can take these lessons and put them to good use; I guess I just need to remember to keep the faith.

    With sincere thanks,


    I have all your books, by far this one was the most special to me. I believe in the higher ups, even though I’m not a church goer, I try to have faith. Also, going through a rough patch with my health – “I am In Love with Hope” Thanks so much, awaiting your next great book
    Susan in Amherstburg



    Again, another great book from Mr. Albom. I believe it was in this book he mentioned a book by James McBride, The Color of Water. Read The Color of Water from cover to cover in no time, just as I did all of Mitch’s books. Well worth the read. These books have changed my way of life and thinking, even though I’m almost 50 years old. I’ll never be the same.



    I enjoyed very much about this book and learning about these two men and their stories. Mitch is a gifted writer. As a believer and follower of Jesus, however, it saddens me that a sort of universalism is embraced. As quoted in the Epilogue, “God sings, we hum along, and there are many melodies, but it’s all one song – one same, wonderful, human song.” According to the Bible, both the Old and New Testament, Jesus IS the central theme, character, being from beginning to end. It All points to Him. Every Jewish feast, festival, temple, tabernacle detail is fulfilled in Jesus. Yes, there are many melodies, but Jesus is the music. Without Him, there is no music at all.

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